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Elisabeth Meinecke On Illegal Immigrants Receiving In-state Tuition on Fox Business' "Cavuto"

Slicker Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 8:09 AM
WOW!! ship her a-- back with all the other illegals...Whats the hells going on here? Why does these Mexican's all getting free gratis when the white man is being turned away everyday from medical help, living quarters, and deprived of something to eat...Our govt. is turning the other cheek..go to Phoenix,Ar. the Mexicans there get there housing paid for 1/2 phone bill, heat & electricity paid for loads of food stamps, full medical (and best of all when they apply for State assistances) they bring in their sisters kids along with 3-5 of their own and claim all of them when as if they belonged to the applicant..Then they go out-side and laugh about the deal they pulled over the state workers eyes..And look at all the free groceries they...