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"The leadership team-in-waiting in the Senate is secure and very capable. Kentucky's Mitch McConnell, Texas' John Cornyn, and South Dakota's John Thune are all smart, principled, experienced and crucially, strategic thinkers." You do realize youre writing a column for TownHall and not the Onion, right Hugh?
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How The Tea Party Repealed The Debt Limit

sleroi Wrote: Feb 12, 2014 1:07 PM
But no matter what we would have proposed the Dems would have scoffed, forced our hands, and accused us of wanting to default or shut down the government. So, you know, why even try? Boehner was right to lament that nobody clapped for him, for taking this monkey off of our backs. Give the guy a break already. (yes, this post is sarcastic. I dont really believe this.)
Boehner did not attempt to extract concessions. He half-assed floated a few trial balloons out there, Keystone and the insurance bailout, then decided to correct his horrid budget, without paying for it, then finally just said what the hell. How long have we known we were going to reach the limit? Again. No clear strategy was ever presented, by the house or the senate. This is an epic fail of leadership. How many votes now have passed the house with Democrat support? Boehner has to go. Now. If he is going to continually betray his caucus I cannot understand why the man remains as speaker.
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Ted Cruz: The Next Goldwater - or Reagan?

sleroi Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 1:46 PM
He is the next Reagan. Hopefully though he will choose a better running mate than Bush. I think a Cruz/Lee ticket would be stellar, and maybe lead to 16 years of conservative, constitutional leadership.
Can't say im surprised by this. What did Boehner expect when he passed a budget that increases spending and exceeds revenues just as we are reaching our debt limit? Boehner and Ryan effectively neutered themselves of any leverage. Great job, guys.
So you don't (rightfully) trust Obama to enforce immigration law, but you trust congress 9 years from now to reinstate sequester cuts? Last week there were rumors of mutiny, please let this be true.
You are so wrong, Hugh. You mentioned that the intent of strike one was to correct the situation by finding the money to pay for the correction. The bill you are supporting will not only increase spending, but also raise the debt limit for another year. And then next year we can huff and puff and do nothing again, because we won't want to be portrayed unfavorably heading into a presidential election cycle. This situation was created swiftly, recklessly, behind closed doors. It cannot be undone the same way. If you care about the military, and all citizens for that matter, we have to primary current leadership and put more grassroots, tea party conservatives in their place.
Could have should have would have. In the history of the debt limit has anyone of either party ever not passed a spending bill because it would cause us to exceed the debt limit? Obama argued against raising the debt limit under Bush, and is now for raising it. And the same is true for Republicans. It is a joke because it is meaningless. No one has ever adhered to it. It is merely a tool for demagoguery. A permanent solution, I.e. a constitutional amendment, is the only solution.
What you are describing is exactly what is happening now. Do you see an end in sight anytime soon? A balanced budget AMENDMENT, not merely a bill, is the only solution I can see.
The debt limit has been proven, historically, by both parties, to be a joke. Its time to eliminate the debt limit, and the resultant political theater. The only hope, not that im holding my breath, is a balanced budget amendment.
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Poll: Grimes: 46%; McConnell: 42%

sleroi Wrote: Feb 08, 2014 6:20 PM
Good. The GOP can still take the senate if McConnell loses. And the senate would be better off without him. I'm doing my part here in Texas to primary Cornyn.
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