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Beating the Democrats at Their Own Game

sleroi Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 2:31 AM
Do you really believe their are voters out there who would think "I was going to vote for a Democrat, but since he didn't vote to defund Obama are I guess I'll have to vote for a Republican."? I doubt a single Democrat is scared of this vote. Also, last I checked, Medicare and SS were "allegedly" protected by a trust. We pay Into it, the money is there, it should not be effected by a shutdown. Articles like this serve only to feed the MSM frenzy. And lastly, the thought that allowing Obamacare to continue because it is politically beneficial is outrageous. It is a job killing economy busting assault on liberty and our American way of life, (even those afraid to defund it agree with this assessment) and thusly anyone who would allow it to continue whilst they held the power and ability to stop it is utterly undeserving of the office they are trying to hold.