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Remember when JFK sent military advisors to Vietnam. That didn't turn out so well did it? It's so hypocritical that Obama insists that Maliki resolve his political problems immediately and build an immediate coaltion. Should Iraq use his posture with Republicans as their model? And JFKerry will be so effective brokering a diplomatic solution. I'd recommend Joe Biden the Great tag along.
Huppenthal, State Super of Public Instruction in AZ, pulled the same sleight of hand when he and Gov Jan Brewer (not a conservative) renamed CC to Career and College Ready Stds.
How considerate of Camp to resign in enough time for other GOP hopefuls to step up to the plate! Don't know when their state primaries occur, but only 7 months left to the general election. Was anyone expecting this?
Thank you for pointing out these very interesting historical facts. I would have done it myself if you hadn't covered it so aptly.
I am an Irish Catholic American (both mother and father). I've just purchased my last Guiness stout and Sam Adams beer. I am angry by the constant bullying from Progressives and the GAY lobby. The way the GAYs control American culture these days you'd think they were 25% or more of our population. Alas, only 1-2%, but boy, do they have the country by the short hairs (pardon my French)
I live in AZ, and none of my friends are friends of Johnny McShame. Progressives and his daughter must be his fan club.
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

sleepergirl Wrote: Feb 23, 2014 9:21 PM
I hope Mr. Sowell gets off this train of thought soon. He's losing credibility at a rapid clip with these hits on Ted Cruz. As Mark Steyn has put it: "You can't win the argument if you don't make the argument. You can't win the fight if you don't pick the fight." Memo to GOP: If you won't fight this battle, what battle will you fight? Big Govt GOP (aka Leadership) has gone soft. No principles, no backbone left. Perhaps Mr. Sowell is following their lead. Very disappointed.
Yuckapoo! I live in AZ and I abhore McShame. At 80 years he's thinking of running again? He is afraid to spend time by himself, or with his lovely daughter? Gee whiz, Johnny, you've stayed too long at the fair. Perhaps you think Chuckie Schumer will miss you too much if you don't run. You no longer represent conservatives, let alone Republicans. He could be setting up to swtich parties with George Soros' encouragement.
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Ted Cruz, the GOP's Obama

sleepergirl Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 4:15 PM
I too lost my respect for Krauthammer, Kristol, Morris, Hume, even Jonah himself. Cruz was not out to amp up his own glory or war chest. He was actually fighting for his people in TX - how I dream John "Sunday Talk Show"McShame would fight that way for us in AZ. Even if the cloture vote goes the wrong way for us and Cadaver Harry strips out the defunding provision, Cruz has engaged and energized the conservative base and given us hope. He has jumped started a new conservative wave and I can't wait to see where it may take us.
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