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Pelosi Not Leaving Leadership Position

skywalker58 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 2:07 PM
It is a good thing Conservatives don't have "leaders" like Queen Nancy because we don't need Marxist, control freak, corrupt, vote buying leeches to provide inspiration. We don't need to be lead around like cattle to the slaughter.

Nancy Pelosi didn't reach her goal of becoming House Speaker again this election cycle but is planning to stay as House Minority Leader despite earlier reports suggesting she would step aside. Rep. Steny Hoyer was her most likely replacement.

Democrats say she feels compelled to remain in leadership because the issues Congress is set to tackle are at the core of why she first ran for office.

Pelosi, 72, revealed her decision in a 9 a.m. meeting with House Democrats, surrounded by nearly 40 members of her party who were victorious in elections last...