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Mr. President, There are Red and Blue States

skywalker58 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 12:27 PM
Federalism was foundational basis for our nation. We now have a changer in chief who is working to fundamentally transform the U.S. into a Euro-style nanny state, where government decides everything like how big your Big Gulp can be, and whether you can eat french fries or have to have peas. What states want will not matter, The feds will limit state's powers. Oh and states like California, Illiois and New York will be bailed out by Federal Tax dollars obtained from people living in Texas and other prospering states. Their penal style, confiscatory tax rates and hand out programs will remain unabaited because the U.S. taxpayer will fund them.

At the 2004 Democratic Convention, Barack Obama was introduced to the world. His most well-known statement from that speech remains “There are no red states or blue states, just the United States.” Fortunately, President Obama was once again wrong and we will all benefit from the fact there truly is a divide.

Living in California, we feel that divide daily. Since 1998, this state has been run by left-wing Democrats only slightly diverted by the presence of the disastrous Arnold Schwarzenegger. With this election the residents have now given complete control of the state to left-wing Democrats. Not only are the...