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How Foreign Is Our Policy?: Part II

skywalker58 Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 10:41 AM
What the heck does this have to do with the article? This is probably just another troll doing their daily diligence of putting propoganda cr@p on every thread.
Also, how many of this seven million were previously uninsured, and how many are people WHO LOST THEIR OLD INSURANCE because of the unaffordable care act? Getting people onto the site or to register to purchase health insurance on the site does not guage success. The purpose was supposed to be to insure those who previously "could not get health insurance". What is the price to those who had insurance previously for the previously uninsured to get insurance? I THINK IT IS TOO HIGH A PRICE. Obamacare is a failure. It was destined to be a failure and no amount of propping up, propoganda, flowery speeches, or claims of success by the most corrupt administration in the history of the country will make it a success. YOU DUMB@RZ PEOPLE THAT ELECTED AND THEN RE-ELECTED THIS RADICAL, AMERICA LOATHING NARCISSIST-IN-CHIEF DOOMED THE REST OF US TO MEDIOCRITY. OUR DEMISE IS ON YOUR HANDS.
Stupid is as stupid does and it is pretty obvious that progressives like you will never accept the truth, always deny the truth and spout your own "truths". You accuse conservatives of the very tactics or projections that you hold or project. Your ilk have brought about the destruction of the quality of life we once had but you can't see that it was you who brought it about. You are blinded by your idiology and as prophesized in the Bible, given over to your desires and sins.
The facts support EVERYTHING he said. The middle class is vanishing because of progressive liberal policies, a loss of a moral compass, and lies, misinformation and propoganda spread by the media.
This is the winning argument for "federalism". Each state has control over how they tax, control education, etc and the federal government does nothing except provide a common defense and currency. States can experiment with all these progressive ideas and it only affects that state, not the whole country. The Chicagoization of the whole nation does not allow moving to get away from it without leaving the country. You destroy the whole country, not just one part of it.
Yup Loyal Democrat shows the absurdity of Leftist thought and makes is crystal clear how demented the Left really is. Of course Leftists can't admit this is their end goal because no one would support their causes and idiology. They have to hide their real goals and intentions with obsfucation, lies, generalizations, misnamed proposals (like "affordable healthcare act" and the like. LD's satire is like flipping on a light in a roach infested room. You can see the condition and the roaches scatter trying to hide. Now we just need RAID to treat the condition and a good house cleaning.
AMEN!!!!! I totally agree. If the Left thinks government intervention is the cure all, arbitor of fairness then why would government employees need a union to protect them? Second, unions dealing with government when negotiating contracts, who represents the people who fund government? The politicians have no reason to protect the people and every reason to give the unions what they want to garner their votes. Government employee unions should not be allowed to exist. To the second point, if you receive government assistance in the form of food stamps (oh now they have credit cards so that they don't feel the embarrasment of using them) or welfare checks or live in government subsidized housing, you should be banned from voting due to conflict of interest. Who wouldn't vote for the guy who promises more and bigger chickens in every pot? In order to have a say in government representation, you should have to be paying into the system.
Typical. Corrupt Democrat trying to prevent law abiding citizens from having access to something less dangerous than what he was going to help traffic for campaign money. California, when are you going to learn?
Most of you leftist protestors are so misguided or so demented that you cannot see the forest for the trees. No one is taking away your right to buy contraceptives or use one of the several methods to end a pregnancy. What Hobby Lobby and the other company are arguing is having to pay for it. I should not have to pay for it with my taxes or with the insurance premiums I have to pay. If you want to have an abortion, go for it. May God have mercy on you, but I should not have to pay for it. You should have to pay for it. PERIOD. Now sit down, shut up and grow up. You have to be responsible for yourself.
That is what is so maddening. I bet if the report went around asking each person if they were being paid to protest, or if they were brought in by someone or some group to protest, nearly if not all of them would have to say yes if they were honest. Leftists have to bribe people to get support and then the ignorant masses who watch tv think all these people really represent a majority. STUPID PEOPLE
BUT .... pause to not blow a circuit .... I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYONE'S CONTRACEPTION OR ABORTION. PERIOD. A COMPANY SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE INSURANCE FOR EMPLOYEES THAT COVERS VOLUNTARY TREATMENT OR PREVENTIVE CARE. CONTRACEPTION IS ELECTIVE TREATMENT JUST AS PLASTIC SURGERY, BREAST IMPLANTS AND THE LIKE ARE ELECTIVE (UNLESS YOU HAVE HAD TO HAVE A MASCECTOMY OR DISFIGURED IN AN ACCIDENT). ABORTIONS ARE ALSO ELECTIVE AND NOT NECESSARY UNLESS THERE IS SOMETHING MEDICALLY WRONG THAT ADVERSELY AFFECTS THE MOTHER/CHILD. I understand the religious aspect and forcing a company that is Christian based to pay insurance premiums for things that are a violation of their religious beliefs is unconstitutional. We should not even have to have that argument because government does not have the right to tell anyone what level of insurance they have to have. Having a minimum standard that includes more stuff than what I need is totally BOGUS.
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