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Eric Holder was a hyper racist AG. Everything he did was based done through the prism of race-based politics. His department's attack of every state that passed Photo Voter ID laws and insertion into every local incident of a white person shooting a black person demonstrated the Obama Administration's attempt to provide proof that blacks need federal government special treatment in order to "operate on a level playing field". What they were infact doing was make the divide between blacks and whites greater and increase racial tensions.
"Those concerns were reflected in part in the decision Thursday to create a new but relatively small leadership role for Senator Elizabeth Warren, 65, of Massachusetts, a folk hero of the left." Elizabeth Warren??? Really???? The woman who claimed native american status for scholarships but really has no proof of any native american ancestry? That Elizabeth Warren? It looks like the Dems learned absolutely nothing from the November election. If she is still a darling, it proves the Left is still waaaay too into the weeds and fringe element and is just a collection of single issue radicals. I would think that is good for Republicans because it should be easy to point out the hypocracy, the lies and contortions of these radical minions.
Actually, I think he WANTS to create a constitutional crisis and force the Republican's hand. He and the Democrats can then start screaming racism and stir up their base and create anarchy. They want race riots and total kaos so that they can then offer a "solution" which would be socialism. That is the Cloward and Piven way.
The media did a good job of acting as the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party in blaming Republicans for the government shutdown and blowing out of proportion the consequences of the government shutdown. It was the Democrats who would not negotiate, who would not give any consession, and who really wanted the government shut down. They needed to lay the blame on the Republicans purely for the political points. The Republican House sent dozens of approved bills to the Senate, only to have Democrat Harry Reid put them in a drawer and say "Republicans won't negotiate. They won't give us a clean bill with no cuts in it". The Leftist media trumpeted that message and didn't tell the truth and didn't call the Democrats on their tactic. If people would turn ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC off and quit buying The NY Times and other leftist rags, the Democrats wouldn't have a voice.
Oh and by the way, Gruber was correct in his assertion that is was voter stupidity that allowed the passage of ObamaCare. A majority of Americans voted for Obama, TWICE! They also re-elected many of the Democrats who supported it and lied about what was in it. I'll give people a pass for voting for him the first time (I think you were stupid or misguided, or caught up in "a historical moment" by voting for the first "black" president as a means of trying to purge themselves of racism); but if you voted for him a second time, then you are stupid, period. You didn't know anything about him the first time, but by 2012, his intentions, his propensity to lie and to target any dissent with weaponized government agencies, and his lack of any understanding of what America is (or was) were fully apparent. It is you, dear insane, ignorant Leftist who have been sucked in by the lies.
Alan Colmes is the poster child for the arrogant, smug, know-it-all, Left. It is so maddening because like dealing with the insane, you can't debate/argue with them. They look down their nose, pat you on the head, and dismiss your arguments because they are so much smarter than you and you just don't understand. No matter what flaws you show them in their logic, no matter how many statistics and fact you provide that support your argument, they have their own facts and you are just stupid. Just look at Alan Colmes face when you tell him how wrong he is. Look at the face of that BEEOTCH in the IRS when confronted in Congress about the targeting of conservatives. Look at the face of that new head of the IRS during his grilling in Congress. Snide, smug arrogance!!!!! It make you want to just slap that smug look off their face.
"Maine Senator Angus King -- a self-proclaimed "independent," who's reversed his pledge to caucus with the majority party now that Republicans have won -- doesn't think Gruber's admission is a big deal." POINT #1. Democrats know that in most places, they cannot admit to being a Democrat and still win elections; so they lie and claim to be an "independent", then when elected, vote with Obama and the Left 95% of the time. The Democrats went so far as to get a primary elected candidate removed from the ballot and funded an "independent". This proves they will lie about who or what they are to gain power. POINT #2, Democrats will throw up a strawman argument, or call you a racist, biggot, or evil when trying to defend a position. They have used the lie about "You hate the poor and don't want them to have healthcare", or some other horsepoop in trying to keep ObamaCare in place, DESPITE THE FACT THAT MORE PEOPLE LOST THE INSURANCE THEY HAD A LIKED THAN DIDN'T HAVE ANY AND NOW DO. Point #3. Gruber's statements about the lack of transparency and convoluted measures undertaken by the Obama Administration to get ObamaCare passed demonstrates in the most vivid way that Democrats and the Left WILL LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, or what ever is necessary to obtain the results they desire. The ends justifies the means, so what ever they have to do to get what they want is ok, including lying, covering up the lie, distorting what they said to make it sound less like a lie, oh and attacking the credibility of those that point out the lie.
The United States is heading in the same direction, at least as far as the corruption in the Federal Government. Our local and state police are not in cahoots with gangs, drug lords or organized crime to the level of Mexico, but we can be pushed in that direction if we don't uphold our traditional moral standards. If the Left continues their campaign to eliminate moral standards and behaviors, soon we won't know right from wrong and not find lying, stealing, murder and corruption offensive. We will degenerate into Russia and Mexico where money buys influence and protection.
Congress now has the ammunition necessary to take to the American People to justify total defunding of ObamaCare. The president would never sign legislation that eliminates it and Republicans don't have the votes to override his veto. They do have the power of the purse to defund it and they have the justification for doing so. The only problem is the MSM, who will still make it look like Republicans are taking people's health care away.
Arrogance is one of the traits of the Left. Being willing to lie (the ends justifies the means) is another. Hypocracy is a third trait of the Left. All three were on full display during the whole ObamaCare debate. This video needs to be run adnausium during the 2016 election campaign, pointing out this proven and admitted to lie, as well as the lies about Benghazi, the lies about Fast and Furious, the lies by the IRS targeting of conservatives, and then ask, "what else are they lying about? Do you trust your government to a group who admits they lie in order to get what they want?"
The top four levels of every cabinet department and agency needs to be removed from office. We need a total house cleaning. The CIA, FBI, EPA, IRS, ATF, Homeland Security, Education (eliminate that whole department), Interior, HUD, HEW, Energy (eliminate this whole department as well), State and Attorney General's office.
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