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This is what many of us have been trying to tell the idiot globull warming / anti-fossil fuel crowd: It takes more diesel and gasoline to make ethanol than is saved by using ethanol. Now it is demonstratable that ethanol production is more polluting as well. When are all you green energy dolts going to wake up. You say we are the science deniers; well you are truth deniers as we have science on our side.
I agree. We are more dependent on foreign engergy than when the Department of Energy was created. Our ranking in education is much worse than when the Department of Education was created. Both have done nothing but make it worse so both must go. Does the Agriculture Department help produce more food, or drive up prices by limiting land that can be used for farming. Are they the EPA? And why do they have a swat team that can raid Gibson Guitars factories looking for wood they claim is illegal even though Gibson has all the necessary paperwork, then never press charges because that would force a trial where they have to prove guilt, but still impound the materials taken from Gibson? Get rid of all these departments or call them what they really are.
You need to read the whole story. The federal government basically seized all this land and Mr. Bundy paid the grazing fees until it was used against ranchers in general for political whims and not to what the fees were supposed to be used for. He was willing to pay the state to use land his family has had cattle on since the late 1800s. This was one guy who had cattle on land that Harry Reid had told a big contributor that they could use and he could make money off of. Typical big guy beats down little guy.
This is the kind of thing that needs to be making the news. The MSM either ignores the story or just covers it like some right wing nut who wants free grazing land for his cattle is fighting having to pay what he owes the Feds. What needs to be reported is exactly what Rachael Alexander reported with regard to the timing and the sweetheart deals and backroom payoffs and how friends and big donors to Harry Reid are not having to abide by the same law. It is supposed to be about equal representation under the law, not who has connections. The Left constantly accuses the Right of being for the rich, yet it is Leftist politicians who dole out favors to their campaign contributors and other money men.
This is one of my new Constitutional Amendments that must be ratified if we are ever to get back control of goverment: "Congress shall pass no law upon the general population that it is not subject to. All members of Congress shall be subject to all laws that the Executive Branch departments and agencies imposes on private intities and individuals."
Why is Harry Reid still in office and not in jail? Are the above documented abuses of office not illegal? Why is he not being prosecuted?
No remember, it is people that are killing the planet. Its not cars or carbon. If we get rid of all those pesky humans, the Earth would be perfect and sustain itself. Carbon is the building block of life. Without it, we don't exist. Plants need Carbon dioxide (CO2) like humans need oxygen. What we breathe out, the other uses. The pollution from automobiles is only 1/100 of what it was in the 60s, and we don't have 100 times more automobiles on the road than we did then so we have improved the situation.
Yeah lets kill all the eagles, falcons, hawks and other birds with millions of wind towers. Let put a multi-million acre shadow on the ground killing off grass and other sun loving plants with solar panels. Both these sources on generate tiny amounts of electricity for the cost and area they cover. You'll cause more damage to the environment building these things than you'll save just to reduce the amount of CO2 we produce. Oh by the way, plants NEED CO2 to survive, Oh and plants produce Oxygen as they respirate the carbon dioxide and humans need oxygen. We can fix the CO2 production problem by killing off all the stupid progressives who breath out bodacious amounts of CO2 everyday.
First sentence should read, "holding the 'game over for humanity' sign".
The dips@*&! holding the game over for humanity obviously is out of touch with reality, as are most environmental ideologs. They said the same thing about the Alaska pipeline and what happened? Did we have the environmental disaster they predicted? Heck no, so why is this pipeline any different? Like glowbull warming, they know not of what they speak, but they howl, scream and catterwall like the world will come to an end. They deserve the higher prices of everything caused by increased fuel cost. The rest of us have better sense.
The ones in the US have plenty of stored fuel on site to run the emergency diesels, with a means to continue to fill them for the long term. Fukashima's problem was that the tidal surge took out the diesels so coolant could not be pumped to the spent fuel pools or to the emergency cooling systems. Utilities are now spending billions to make sure some natural disaster can't take out the diesel generators.
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