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BREAKING: Filibuster Deal Reached

skywalker58 Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 1:31 PM
I guess I need to read up on Senate rules. How can they use a majority to approve a change to the rules? Any majority would be able to change the rules any time no matter which party had the majority. I would think that a change in rules should require a 2/3 majority or at least a 60% majority to prevent tyranny of the majority (51%). Harry Reid is lower than whale dung. I wish the Republican party would wise up and stand for real conservative values and quit being Democrats Lite so they could win the majority back and then shove the same tactics that the Dems have used right back down their throats. The Dems are the biggest hypocrits on the planet and have consistently used the do as I say not as I do card and wanted one set of rules when they were the minority and another set when they were the majority.

Harry Reid just made a series of vague statements on the Senate floor, implying that John McCain had brokered a compromise that would avert a "nuclear" detonation in the upper chamber:

McCain spoke briefly, praising the tone and productive nature of last night's four-hour private Senate meeting. Nearly every Senator attended the gathering, several of whom have commented publicly about its seriousness of purpose. After McCain's remarks, Reid...
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