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Advice From the Hindu Kush

skywalker58 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 12:28 PM
I am sure the Obama Administration, or the state administrations that are run by Democrats will make sure the ballots cast by our military currently serving overseas will be late and not counted. If ANY military ballots are not counted, there should be an outcry so large, those that perpetrated it tremble in fear for their lives.
Wumingren Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 7:12 PM
It would have to be a "fear for their lives," because they fear no law of this land.


It seems as if every pundit, campaign consultant and professor of political science has been on the air or in print lately, offering advice on how you can "jump-start," "turn around" or "reset" your presidential campaign. Most of them say that your best chance of "regaining momentum" will be during the upcoming presidential debates. Seeing as I will be in Afghanistan keeping company with our American heroes while you're debating their current commander in chief, this seems like a pretty good time to send you some of what I have heard them...