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ATF Supervisor on Fast and Furious Whistleblowers: Take Them Down

skytroop6 Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 12:57 PM
And your proof is? Here's what I say. Let's have Issa release every statement, every document that his committee has. Let the American people read the entire report. Bring every agent in Task Force VII to testify in public under oath. Bring the former AG and every member of the DOJs prosecutors office in Phoenix to also testify under oath. I'm betting Issa wont do that because he knows that his case would fall apart because his allegations are totally baseless. If anyone is responsible for Agent Terry's death it's a craven, cowardly Congress who do nothing while guns are illegally transferred to the Mexicna Cartels every single day, including today.

Late Friday afternoon, Senator Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa sent a letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Their concern? More ATF whistleblower retaliation. It has been well documented that ATF likes to retaliate against those who tell the truth to expose corruption within the bureau. Whether it's the case of ATF Special Agent Jay Dobyns, Vince Cefalu, John Dodson and others. However, it seems the retaliation is even worse than previously known.

According to the letter, in an eye witness account, ATF Chief of Public Affairs Scott...