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You know big_conservative none of what I'm telling is a secret. Anyone who cares to read the Geneva Conventions knows that EVERYONE who take up arms in a conflict are covered by the Geneva Conventions. It does not matter whether they wear a uniform or not. Because one may be an illegal enemy combatant does not mean that all of the provisions of the Geneva Conventions are suspended for that person.
Actually Mark such incidents have occurred doing and after every war back then it was called combat fatigue. You also forget that we demobilized millions immediately after the war. How many of those millions turned out to be murderers? A helluva lot of them when you consider how many served.
I so tire of this idiotic comment big_conservative. There is only one way to determine who is a good guy with a gun, and even with that you could be wrong. Generally speaking good guys with guns are law enforcement officers of some kind. I for one am not about to call anyone else who draws or carries a gun a good guy. How do I know he's a good guy? I don't and you don't. Are you telling me that if you are on your way into the movie theater and you notice 2 guys are carrying badly concealed weapons, you're going to relax because good guys with guns are in the theater? I think not.
Are you out of your mind Pookiedr? Infiltrate? He did no such thing. He went to work like he did every single work day. At the front gate all he had to do was show his ID and drive on. While entry on any military gives automatic consent for a vehicle search that rarely happens to ID card holders. Thousands of cars move in and off post during any 24 hour period. To attempt to search even 10% of those cars would bring post activities to a halt. You keep forgetting that until he pulled the trigger that soldier was a law abiding citizen, as are any number of murderers and mass shooters. So your argument doesn't hold water.
Actually activated nothing could be farther from the truth. Is the crime rate in Miami lower or higher than the crime rate in NYC? It's higher in Miami. The same is true in any comparison between NYC and Houston. So more guns do not equal less crime. It's a spurious connection. However, we do know that a gun in the home, especially one with children, increases the likelihood that someone in that home will be wounded or killed by that weapon.
Your problem big_conservative is your assumption that mass shooters are afraid of death. It hasn't occurred to you that death is exactly what mass shooters seek. Only they want notoriety in that death. That does not exists at your typical gun range which is a small time operation. However do not make the mistake of believing that people are not murdered on gun ranges because they are. The most recent one was the Navy Seal who was shoot and killed on a gun range. You also ignored the celebrated cases where police stations were attacked by gunmen.
Ft Hood is not a gun free zone. There are people other than Military Police who are authorized to carry on post.
Thank you for that nonsense, that has never been true in the US, and it's not true now. But you are entitled to your opinion.
Great deleeuw under your idiotic suggestion we have more not less PTSD, because you want our Armed Forces to act like savages rather than men and women subjected to the rule of law. Indiscriminate killing of Afghans would win nothing unless you were prepared to kill oh say 20 million people. People with even a minimum degree of intelligence realize that you can't wage total war again a people who are not waging total war against you. And even then there are rules in war. Btw the old Soviet Union did what you said they even sealed off the Panjsir Valley and carpet bombed every village and town in valley. In the end what happened? The Soviets departed with their tails tucked between their legs..
Said by one who doesn't know what the heck they are talking about. In this case for example one of the soldiers who would have been allowed to carry would have been the shooter.
Katie is out to lunch on this one. I spent over 30 years in the Armed Forces of the US, and never did we allow armed soldiers who were not participating in weapons firing training to walk around carrying concealed or unconcealed weapons. To show what a stupid idea this is, the shooter in this case would have been one of those allowed to legally carry on post. Obviously Katie knows nothing about the Armed Forces. There are probably hundreds if not 1,000s of troops at Ft Hood who suffer from PTSD, some of whom have never been diagnosed with the condition, so they too would be permitted to be armed. This is always the knee jerk reaction to any use of a gun, why let's have more guns. Not one shred of real evidence exists that more guns equal greater safety.
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