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Carbon not Culprit in Global Warming, Science Is Say Scientists

SkyHunter Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 11:22 PM
How funny. Three of the four culprits are, get this CARBON based. Global Warming Deniers are so amusing.
rightmostofthetime Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 11:30 PM
Curious, SkyHunter, .... Why do you use the term "denier?" It's a typical liberal trick, comparing people who are skeptical about AGW with Holocaust deniers, but does that really describe what's going on? Do you think that science proceeds by consensus? Do scientists VOTE on the correct answer? Do you really know what science is about?
ReddestNeck Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 11:51 PM
The Hunter has yet to find any Sky yet, to all evidence... such talk is mere emotion-invoking rhetoric and does not befit something that is claiming to be a science.
Samoht Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 1:37 AM
Bill, Science does produce consensus through checking and checking again what is published. This has nothing to do with voting.
ReddestNeck Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 1:41 AM
And who checks the checkers, if it ends up with two groups who claim starkly different conclusions... ultimately yes it ends up as a sociological question.

A new paper that recently replaced the old paper that settled the science of global warming is now out - and not a moment too soon, either.

Because the new paper essentially says: “Um, guys? Never mind.” :/).

Ok, they don't really say that, but actually they really do. 

“Sea level rise is one of the big issues of global warming. It could potentially swamp coastal cities or make them far more vulnerable to storms, such as Hurricane Katrina,” says Science World Report, apparently a wholly owned division of Wayne’s World Publishing, operating under the motto...