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Obama fails History 101

SkyePuppy Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 1:25 AM
Obama neither believes in nor desires to take concrete moral action. His alleged belief in predetermined history is merely the excuse he uses to avoid any action. Except golfing, of course.
That's exactly what they want. Then they can declare martial law to keep the peace, and if the timing is just right, they'll call off the presidential election and keep President Golfsalot in place "temporarily," of course. Just until the violence dies down...
This article doesn't explain how the tax money would help people with student loans. Oh, wait. Lemme guess. The new tax is just so they can say "Tax the rich. It's for the children!" Then they pocket it or redirect it to their pet causes, and they let people refinance anyway.
The feminist mindset: Men are horrible, and we need to be just like them!
Because nothing says "health" like killing your baby.
So why don't you do that yourself and shut up about it, instead of spamming everything? Flagged!
Over ten million people died at the hands of Hitler in the death camps, 6 million of whom were Jews. The other 4 million were Poles, Hungarians, Gypsies, intellectuals, handicapped, and other "undesirables." Over 50 million have died at the hands of the abortion industry, and a disproportionate number of them were African-Americans. The desecration is happening here in America.
For starters: Obamacare is not medical care. Obamacare is medical insurance. Not. The. Same. Thing.
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Escaping 'Government' Schools

SkyePuppy Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 2:37 AM
When my son was in first grade and wrote "boring" across his in-class math assignment, the public school called a parent-vice principal conference to try to figure out what to do for him. In the course of conversation, I mentioned that I wanted to homeschool my kids, and the school administrator, in horror, spit out that same line about how important "socialization" is. I asked, "In the working world, how common is it for people to work only with 25-30 people exactly their own age? Because that's the kind of socialization they get at school." The vice principal had no answer to my question. And they had no answer for how to help my son: If they gave him 2nd grade math in 1st grade, then what would they do when he got to 5th grade? Better to leave him bored...
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