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Video: Surprise Romney Speech Brings Down the House at CPAC Colorado

Skycdr Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 6:00 PM
Care to spew about Catholicism and the practice of indulgences and the miracle of transubstantiation? If you have a problem with the Mormon Church, why not go after the practices of other churches? No, you're only going after Mormonism because of Romney's beliefs. BTW. I'm not a practicing Mormon, but no money is exchanged in the practice of Temple Baptism for the dead. It's considered an honor for the one standing in for the departed!

AURORA, CO - The mood among more than 1,500 conservatives here at CPAC's Colorado conference is buoyant today, for obvious reasons.  When four of Mitt Romney's sons came onstage earlier today and introduced their father for an unexpected appearance, the standing-room-only crowd went wild.  Conservatives' enthusiasm batteries have been re-charged.  Here's the full (brief) speech:


For a better sense of the energy permeating the hall, watch this condensed clip from our friends at Revealing...