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Huh? I know it's Friday, but hitting the bottle a little hard aren't you?
BTW. What a moron, shouting your imbecilic spews to the sky.
Wow. Flattus is exactly as stupid as we all thought. Thanks for the confirmation moron.
What a 'dought' dimbulb.
Chill. Even Coulter needs to take a break from all the craup that's going on and write a tongue-in-cheek article. It's good for the mental health.
Liberal moron. You and your stupid POTUS have been using the VA as the model for a future single payer system. How much funds are too much? The only answer liberals have to any problem is throw money at it. Worked so well for the education system. Created morons like you, obviously.
Yes, and your Lord and Master (and the moronic democrat party) have been using the 'success' of the VA as a model for Obamacare and the future single payer system when Obamacare proves impossible. It has been bad, but it's gotten exponentially worse in the last 5 years because the system doesn't want any bad reports. Freaking losers.
Where I work, I could say: I don't recall, I don't remember, my computer crashed, somebody deleted that file, It was my subordinate's fault, etc. After that's done, I would be fired and possibly will be walking out of the office in handcuffs. Why should these people be different?
"stankin?" What kind of moronic word is that???
This is still the Democrat party right? The party of B. J. Clinton? Didn't BJ set the standard by which all sexual harrassment, rape, and coercement are judged when it involves high level Democrat males? All is forgiven by women when there's a (D) after the name, right?
If the catholic church had any courage, they'd excommunicate people like Pelosi and Biden, who by definition are apostate's to the church. Now they only THREATEN to withhold communion.
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