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In Southern California Kroger's owns Ralph's. In Washington they own Fred Meyer. Doubt they can do any kind of open carry in those places.
Bernie Sanders. Nuff said.
OK no nuts, what point are you not making here? None that anyone with higher than room temp IQ (yours) can see.
What a freaking low-life moron you are. Do you spend all your time trying to think up the most inane, worthless things to say? If not, you have a gift for stupidity.
Would beating this person be a case of 'low hanging fruitcake?'
Love the 'My Fair Lady' homage.
Of course, the MSM will only say Perry was indicted. When the indictment is pulled, that won't get any coverage. It's the democrat playbook, chapter 4, page 3.
Apparently the government thinks that the public-at-large doesn't know how servers work on all stations of an email chain.
Gosh. Racist and anti-first amendment too. You're on a roll.
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