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Which is why the public school system is flawed. Used to be the schools were held in churches. The books had Bible passages to aid in reading and writing comprehension, printed by the government. No one complained as teaching was free and excellent. If you did not like a church, usually one you did was near, though many states back then did trend toward varioud denomonations. Public schools now have the agenda of the government running them and see what it has produced. We need to go to a voucher type system where you choose which school you want your child in. If you are a good school, you will gain more students, competition is good. Don't want your child learning the Bible, put him in one that does not teach it.
LOL, so true. I agree that government funds should NOT be used. And as it is, in most cases I believe the costs and set up are done by those who want the display up.
I say that if you want to get rid of Christmas, then remove it as a Federal Holiday. See how well that goes over. I still feel sorry for all those children of athiests. Normal kid: I got this great toy for Christmas! What did you get? Athiest kid: Err, nothing, my dad does not believe in it, I still got Halloween candy though. Christian kid: Here, want to play with my toys, we can share.
We are all human. Only Jesus was perfect. Many have done evil in God's name and many have and still do quote His word without understanding. Factually many times the amount killed by Christians were and still are killed my Muslims. Many times that have been killed by Athiests. So when comparing levels of good/bad, I think the ones done by athiests 'win'. Using a better scale, how many hospitals, schools, soup kitchens, shelters, charities (of all sorts) have been created by Muslims? Athiests? Gee, want to keep comparing?
But the lawsuits are not enforcing the Constitution, they are eroding it. As it is, the First Amendment protects our religious freedom. since it has been in place, there have always been those who wanted it gone. The HHS mandate is a prime example. So if you were in support of protecting the Constitution and the rights it gives, then you should FIGHT lawsuits like this, not go I do not support lawsuits", which is basically saying you agree with them.
Not the point. You said can't take a few lawsuits. I said many and that they would adversely affect our freedoms.
They are trying. When we are told you cannot preach on public property, cannot hold a sign at a football game with a Bible reference on it, pray in school before eating, wear a cross or prayer beads, not be allowed to carry a Bible, but be allowed to have a Koran and even get a special room to pray to mecca in. Yes, my rights ARE being limited.
Actually the only one I could find was one that was stopped by a Wiccan, yep, because she was annoyed by the witch stereotype.
Again, I am going from my experiences. But the churches doing these kind of things know there are issues. The point is to minister by service. If the kids enjoy it, the parents hear about it and sometimes they come, though that is not the main goal, more of a plus. The kids having the positive experience is the main thing. Of course you could send them to a showing of Twilight, I hear the latest one had heads ripped off.
Yes, Hitler "USED" Christianity, though he hated it and did all he could to kill Christians, but he had already focused on Jews because they have always been the better scapegoat.
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