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GOP Aims to Ease Bloodshed in 2016 Primary Debates

skip59 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 12:36 PM
A lot of th eangry comments here can be characterized by the famous old saying; Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan. Yeah, some things went wrong, but I'm not sure that fixing the primary process will solve all of them. We still wound up with a candidate that was clearly unwilling to counter punch. The last two nominees have been nice guys that got hammered and refused to respond. That won't work. Everyone KNEW Obama was going to sling mud, I cannot believe that Romney wasn't better prepared to cope with that. Further, what is so wrong about slinging some mud right back?

"While we were playing footsie debating each other 22 times, they were spending $100 million on technology," Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said last week, referring to his party's rigorous debate schedule in the 2012 GOP presidential primary season. The last campaign, many Republican insiders said during a recent RNC meeting, had too many debates, the result of which was a GOP arguing with itself while Democrats prepared the way for Barack Obama's victory.

There's no doubt the Republican debates produced many damaging moments for the party. There was Mitt Romney's $10,000 bet offer, which helped cement his image as...