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Iraqi Ironies

skip17 Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 1:12 PM
This is a list from a pretender. Noting more. A made up list of nonsense. It deserves no comeback. Figure out how to make a coherent list and get back to us. You don't even understand the basics. Your questions were answered in the article. If you can quit pretending like your list isn't considered get back to us.
Amid all the stories about the ongoing violence in Syria, the most disturbing is the possibility that Syrian President Bashar Assad could either deploy the arsenal of chemical and biological weapons that his government claims it has, or provide it to terrorists.

There are suggestions that at least some of Assad's supposed stockpile may have come from Saddam Hussein's frantic, 11th-hour efforts in 2002 to hide his own weapons of mass destruction arsenals in nearby Syria. Various retired Iraqi military officers have alleged as much. Although the story was met with general neglect or scorn from the U.S. media, the...