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Funny how big education endorsed Obama, and now they're whining. A little late...
If we don't fight the individual mandate, there will be nothing left worth fighting for.
If you borrow from Peter to pay Paul, you can count on the support of Paul.
I took my kids out of public school because it wasn't meeting their needs. Both my kids have language processing issues. They each tested and qualified for services, but the school kept trying to disqualify them. My daughter does not have a great natural aptitude for math, and I don't mind if she isn't as advanced as public school peers. She just needs more time to "get it". There are nine kids in her class, and nurturing she's receiving is priceless, from a teaching staff earning a fraction of what they could earn in the public system.
Really moron? How many women have to suffer violence and death at the hands of an ex-spouse/lover?
Boehner and the rest of the incompetent Republican surrender monkeys have to go. After 20 years as a Republican, I quit the party last week because of their willingness to ignore the will of those that elected them. Obama wants to drive us over the cliff. He wants a more progressive tax code. He wants larger, and he wants Republican finger prints on the wheel so all the gullible sheeple have someone to blame.
Do lots of bartering and buy nothing until Obama is gone.
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GOP Turns Sure Victory into Defeat

Skinny10 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 4:57 PM
Most Obama supporters voted for Santa Clause. I can easily imagine the thoughts going through their minds... 'Hey, I have a place to live, I'm eating, I have a TV and an ObamaPhone. A job is the last thing I want.'
"These policies will turn the USA into a 3rd world toilet." ... Isn't that Obama's goal?
I play violin in a small music group that visits nursing homes to entertain seniors and the disabled. The private nursing homes are terrific, from the staff to the condition of the building. It's the govt-run homes that are deplorable. They reek of everything you'd expect from a govt-run institution.
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