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Plagiarism and Politics in Berlin

skidzarela Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 11:55 AM
When one person cheats to obtain their doctorate, they cheapen the title of doctorate. Why not then "seek out and destroy" the people who have faked their way to the title in order to maintain its legitimacy for everyone who did it honestly? What good would a doctorate be if people just took for grant it that you faked your way to it? I really do not think it is envy driving these people to expose the cheaters. It is a way to defend all current, past and future doctorates as the reward for a difficult job and hard work to the highest degree.
BERLIN -- The Germans play "gotcha" with a decidedly Teutonic skill and attitude. The latest victim is Annette Schavan, Chancellor Merkel's education minister, who resigned her position in a gathering storm of accusations that she plagiarized the doctoral dissertation she wrote 32 years ago. The title sounds particularly apt: "Person and Conscience."

She held on for a week, fighting back. She insists she will sue to regain her title of "doctor," revoked by Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf.

In the age of the Internet, obscure dissertations once relegated to the memory hole, out of mind, unread or assigned to a remote...