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Bill Maher Discovers His Inner Grover Norquist

skidzarela Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 8:01 AM
connections that these people do to be lucky enough or savvy enough to have that kind of job and make that kind of money would turn around and say "Oh my, it's so easy to make this money! I think I will give most of it away!" They would whine just like Maher.
CVN65 Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 8:33 AM
Skidz- at 400k you are paying about 160-170k in taxes, leaving you 230-240 to live on. A great number of those making this income are medical professionals and have invested many years, sacrificed many things and invested a lot of actual dollars getting there. Many have high student loan payments (over 2,000 per month is not uncommon). So I do agree with everything you write but the cutoff where people start getting absolutely screwed is at about the 250k level. If I lived in Cali my taxes would be exactly the same percentage as Mickelson's (except the state taxes level above 1 million).

To the list of liberals who vote for higher taxes -- and then proceed to complain about them -- add comedian Bill Maher.

Incredibly, the caustic, left-wing Maher recently warned, "ln California, I just want to say: Liberals -- you could actually lose me." As a resident of California, a state with high income taxes, Maher complained that his taxes are "over 50 percent." What's more, Maher made a point seldom heard except on Fox News or by a rich Parisian. Maher said, "Rich people ... actually do pay the freight in this country ... like 70 percent" of the...