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No, Henry F Potter was a caricature capitalist created by a left-wing New Deal filmmaker. Harry Reid is the all too real representative of anti-capitalism with all the bullying and corruption real instead of imaginary.
In a one-party state the courts kow-tow to the politicians, not to the law. The judiciary that came out with Kelo vs New London are part of the problem. I guess you're not bothered by the spectacle of the Senate Majority Leader, a man known to have been involved in flipping federal lands into the hands of private companies who paid 'fees' to his sons, kicking a rancher off the land his family has been on for a century to gratify his Chicom bribegivers. The gubmint is always right to you lefties.
Ooopsy...too late. Most morons vote the way their ObamaPhone tells them to. We live in a one-party state now. You just have to learn how to smile and say 'Thank you Dear Leader' when outrages like this happen.
Get to the bottom of it? You've got the most corrupt, land-flipping, lying, left-wing, swinish senator in the country, baskets of Chicom bribes, silent environmental groups and thuggish Federal bureaucrats...what more do you need? Harry Reid and the Democrats and all the dolts who vote for them are guilty as charged.
You're wrong, the leftist assault on language is exactlt what Orwell described in a book ('1984') we thought, in our naivety, was fiction but which is increasingly turning out to be very prescient non-fiction.
"...Individual shared responsibility payment...?" Doubleplus good! Thank you for sharing, Dear Leader!
OK. I admit it...I voted for this genius in 2008 because it was the only way I could vote against Our Dear Leader. Isnt it funny that Republiclowns are all over the place dishing out gloom and depression while the Dems, confronted with an agenda in smoking ruins and an electorate that shows signs of turning on them, dont do this kind of trash talking about each other. The American people have now flunked stupidity tests in 2006, 2008, and 2012...let's see if they're dumb enough to flunk 2014 and 16.
Madam Ceaucescu, formerly the wife of the socialist leader of Romania until her starving slaves killed her and her husband, once remarked that Romanians were greedy and would become fat if they had access to more food. Americans are just the same. Once we reelect Our Dear Leader these recalcitrant children will find out the meaning of hunger.
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The new American Helots

skep41 Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 10:48 AM
This is a tiny sliver of the main problem; the values and verities of the society that built the most prosperous economy in the history of the human race have been discarded in favor of a Utopian philosophy that leads to poverty and tyranny. The religion, mores, national pride and plurality of thought that made this nation and Europe the masters of the entire world and the source of all technological innovation and intellectual enterprise have been abandoned by the societies that brought them into being. The inevitable collapse of the empty shell is occurring now.
Yes, but it's all Bush's fault!
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