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Mislabeling Nuclear Energy

skennedy176 Wrote: Feb 16, 2013 11:58 AM
Nuclear power will become the 'green' energy source again, as it once was. An important development may be the film that premiered recently at Sundance, 'Pandora's Promise' by Robert Stone. A documentary that details the intellectual journey from opposition to support of nuclear power, by noted environmentalists, Stewart Brand (Whole Earth Catalogue), Patrick Moore (Greenpeace), Mary Lynas, and others. These icons of the environmental movement were able to discard their prejudices, and look rationally at the facts of nuclear power. If we are to deal with climate change, nuclear power is the answer. Climate change deniers and anti-nukes are not the same people but the are exactly the same type, fanatics who have no regard for science.

The Green Movement frequently fights against establishing nuclear plants as a viable energy source, but in a recent report by NPR, the U.S. government is investing $400 million in mini-reactors:

The entire reactor — the core, the cooling system, everything — is self-contained in this rocket-shaped steel cylinder. The industry says that makes it safer. And the reactors will be small enough to build in a factory and ship on trucks, like prefabricated houses. They'll generate about one-tenth the power of a typical nuclear power plant.

Assistant Energy Secretary Pete Lyons sees promise that goes beyond a new energy gadget....