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This will be a Reality Show by the End of the Week
Put a D-Cell Battery in the End of a Gym Sock Wail on 'em 'till you Cain't Raise Yo Arm Anymo
OK ! We'll put a Bounty on 'em. Pay extra if ya bag one that voted for Al Gore or the Heinz-Kerry Boy.
This is One More Nail in the Obama Legacy The Feinstein/Schumer Klack suckered the First 'Black' President into going for sweeping Gun Control. It Will Fail Miserably. Then ObamaCare will Fall Under it's Own Weight. The Legacy of the First 'Black' Community Organizer to sneak into the Oval Office. A Skinny Broken African. Smoldering On Toast. Yet One More Example, for the World To See That Even When Handed The Keys To The Kingdom, On A Silver Platter Dey Jus Cain't Hep It ! Dey Gotta Go Ghetto !
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Ruger Mini-14's are Super Reliable and You can get two for the price of an AR Mini-30's are Just as good ( if not better ) as they fire the Russian round ( AK ) that is commonly available and dirt cheap
also see :
Police search for suspects after four shot on Bourbon Street Only after much screaming and hollering from their comments section, would the website publish a description of the 'suspects'. DOANA WANNA BE RAAAAAAAAAAAACISS, YA KNOW ! Africans of American Descent have taken over Bourbon Street. Just a Matter of Time before Bourbon Street IS OVER
Is It Safe To Say That all those SoCal Cops with the AR's ARE NOT in Solidarity with the Crudballs that Testified Before Congress IN FAVOR OF Banning 'Assault Rifles' and High Capacity Magazines ?
You should have kicked hizaass, just to set the tone for the immediate future
The US Government Subsidizes Everything Why Not an AR, a Fistfull of High Cap Mags and a couple of 1,000 rnd Ammo Cans of SS109 ?
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