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Voter fraud? Like in 2000? I hear you saying that even extensive redistricting and voter suppression laws weren't enough to steal the vote.
And yet it carried the vote.
Religion in government examples? After "rape babies are gifts of God" and "I voted for God & country" and "God wants your birth control pills but if you need help feeding the baby you're evil" and "God says only heteros can be married" you have to ask for examples? How about the Defense of Marriage Act. It's a U.S. constitutional amendment. Or the more than 40 states who have passed laws discriminating against people based on orientation because of religious belief? Examples? Sure... Look up Americans United for Separation of Church and State, they will give you all the examples you need and they are only one of a plethora of organizations who fight EVERY DAY against the Christian creep into government.
You folks are proving my point. By and large it was women who re-elected Obama. Women from every socio-economic sector, women of every color. I am offering you the opinion of the people who carried the vote, and you are STILL arguing about it instead of hearing it. That's why you lost, you don't listen.
Have you missed your meds?
If citizens were equal under the law the DOMA would not exist.
If the average American disagreed with me Mr. Romney would now be the President-elect.
I hope you're right. The moderates need some place to go and the neo-cons pushing out the moderates will leave you with the Party that will galvanize the rest of the country and pull us all together against our own extremists that will be what's left of the Republican Party. So please, force your moderates out, the way you did me, so that your scariest elements are all that's left.
I voted against your religion, and it was a big part of the reason I voted the way I did, too. People who take their religion into the ballot booth are forcing their religion on their neighbors. It's the most invidious form of religious persecution in our country today.
You mean the way the dollar collapsed in 2008 at the end of two terms of Bush? When people whinge about "smaller government" I hear "less corporate regulation & more personal invasion." Considering that 53% of the vote was women & the majority of them were single, the folks who are ignoring what women are saying reconsider their perspective. Reproductive health IS an economic issue to women. Having a decent job is important to women, & having a healthy safety net equally so, which is a much more complex problem than the avg Republican seems to want to consider. The largest social welfare program in this country is the mortgage interest tax deduction. Tell me, do you opt out? If not that makes YOU the biggest welfare queen.
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