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All of Nevada was acqired from Mexico by the federal government in 1848. When the federal government admitted Nevada into the union in 1864, it retained owneship of most of that land. Some of it was given away to homesteaders, railroads, etc. The rest of it, which nobody wanted at the time, remained under federal ownership.
Robert Byrd, Al Gore SR., and J William Fulbright are DEAD
Question: "So why on earth is Lee co-sponsoring a bill introduced last month that would ban online gambling throughout the country, instead of letting each state decide whether to allow Internet-assisted poker? " Answer:"he bill Lee supports, which would ban 'any bet or wager' placed via the Internet, was instigated by casino magnate and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, who would prefer not to worry about online competition." As long as you allow big money to dominate politics, you're going to have this problem. Lee needs money to run his campaign. Adelson is willing to give it to him fo a quid-pro-quo.Otherwise, Adeslon might support one of Lee's opponents.
#3: Venezuela is Spanish-speaking and predominantly Catholic, so it is part of Western Civilization. South Africa is predominantly Christian. Japan, on the other hand, has its own civilization and the third largest economy in the world.
Is there any place in Afghanistan that isn't swept by American radar? Can you land something the size and complexity of a 777 on an unimproved runway, as if it were a Cessna? Where are you going the get the facilities to service a 777? Remember a large airplane is not like a car, where you can just turn of the ignition, come back to it a week later, and expect it to perform normally. I needs continuous maintenance by skilled professionals with fancy equipment, something you're unlikely to find in Afghanistan or Somalia.
Wouldn't the Phillipine government notice this? Does Clark still have the facilities to service a large jet.
The Egyptians built the pyramids just as the Romans built the Colosseum and the Chinese built the Great Wall, a lot of time and a lot of manpower.
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The Entertainment President

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"For years, conservatives have puzzled over President Barack Obama's continued personal popularity in the face of his dramatically uninspiring performance as commander-in-chief." Perhaps, because Bush's inspired performance as commander in chief got the US involved in two wars that he didn't know how to finish.
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Scraping the Rust Off the Iron Curtain

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He's not lying. He's just a sloppy writer with an equally sloppy editor.
Actually, when the Roman Empire fell in 476, it was Christian.
The man who wrote all this was a deist who didn't accept orothodox Christianity. He edited the New Testament to take out all the miracles, because he beleived the couldn't have happened.
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