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Our president lives in an imaginary world. It's not that he lives in an imaginary world, it's that he does so from OUR White House. Read an article about ethnic cleansing that happened through Mandela. He weeps for a man who was responsible for murdering many innocent people. Apartheid was as wrong as the ethnic cleansing. Two wrongs never make a right. Our president does not know this and his policies reflect his ignorance.
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Tea Party at the Crossroads

sjones84 Wrote: Nov 12, 2013 10:09 PM
I never really paid attention to the tea party, until the shutdown. The democrats were proclaiming the greatness of the unaffordable don't-care act. The republican strategists were whining about their popularity. The tea party was standing up saying 'what you are about to do to the American people is wrong' ... now republicans and democrats are whining about the financial harm they are facing... unpopular as the shutdown was, come 2014, the tea party should remind America who stood up for the people and who wanted Americans thrown under the bus for political gain.
sorry kids, no dinner this week, we have to pay for our 'unaffordable Obama-don't-care act.' maybe we can get you adopted by someone in congress or a company with lobbyists....
Racist pig! Look at the atrocities your filth has produced! This male shows why teens are murdering because of boredom, for $5 bucks, and assaulting girls and women of all ages. Perhaps he needs the sensitivity training given to rodeo clowns.
If Ted Cruz is a traitor to the educational system and elite intelligence produced by that system, then he is a true Patriot! The educational system and elite intelligence it produces is that of poverty, entitlements, oppression, and all sorts of crimes against humanity -- all of for the sake of ego and destruction of freedom. Senator Cruz, we salute you!
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11 Liberal Rules for Racism in America

sjones84 Wrote: Aug 13, 2013 10:14 PM
you placed the 'vacation' photo of the prez and forgot : act like an a*s, get a kiss-my-a** America photo, and insinuate that anyone insulted is racist. reality color of skin has nothing to do with the character of the man. no one should be punished for pointing out the obvious... remember the book "The Emperor's New Clothes." we have a moral right to point an laugh, it's in print and that's all we need right?
If he wasn't born in America or born to a military family stationed outside of the US, he's not a natural born citizen. He can be Vice-President. I'm certain with the question presented that Senator Cruz will make sure that he is or he isn't eligible before running and will do what is legal. too bad a Court is still working to figure out Obama's status... it's all a matter of character.
funny, the pope said nothing that Christians around the world have said all along. love the sinner, hate sin. as for "gay marriage" the bible is clear and Christians have supported a "civil union" that gives all of the benefits of marriage without the blasphemy to God. maybe if reporters and commentators weren't looking to mislead the public, most of the controversy would be diminished.
Where do we send funds to help her pay her legal fees? Where do we send sour grapes to Mr. Ventura?
the goal is not for equality, it is for supremacy. it is to destroy freedom and keep reasonably minded people from getting together and kicking out the anarchists from leadership roles. a nation divided can't fight for its freedom or even notice how much is being taken away every day.
the government that gave Monsanto immunity for its GMO catastrophe. where's the studies on ingesting chemicals in almost every food we buy? where's the study of ingesting vegetables and fruits that are genetically modified? look at "diet" food, the costs are big and the nutrients are low and the chemicals are high. the government needs an enemy. years ago the government had a war against tobacco and has effectively won, yet the 'war on drugs' is a loss. don't you ever wonder why? who had a bigger lobby? there's millions upon millions of dollars made every year in the war on fat... this is simply a kickback for votes....
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