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you were far to gentle on the consequences ... children would be removed from their parents to be taught by federally ran schools, if their parents: ever owned a gun, said the pledge of allegiance, refused to renounce their non-muslim faith (because not being muslim is offensive to some muslims, even though it isn't to offensive to many), voted wrong in the last election, home schooled or private schooled their children, and let us not forget - didn't provide condoms to their kids at age 10, although depending on the newest school of thought - it may or may not be child abuse to allow the kid to use the condom... you also forgot that jails are so crowded now that the DOJ wants most criminals out... so the only crime you'd go to jail for under this administration is being a political opponent - anyone who opposing anything the president or his administration says or does.
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The Height of Utopianism

sjones84 Wrote: May 14, 2014 12:32 PM
this mentality is beyond destructive... clearly it comes from the oxymoron group of "liberals."
the man who was "offended" by the statue took 20 minutes to find it, before he was offended. they tried to do this before and lost; the War Memorial is a part of our ski resort, there are photos of tourists (non-Christian) with the statue as part of their vacation photos that have nothing to do with faith or religion. It is sad that the truth is a foreign concept to the Wisconsin Atheist Church. If they remove the statue from the mountain, we'll put statues up all over the valley. Someone tried to remove the Ten Commandments from the courthouse lawn and failed. Now the Ten Commandments are posted on lawns, in fields, at churches and businesses, on billboards and vehicles, and the movement has grown to more and more scripture being posted... Christians have not been aggressive towards anyone. The Wisconsin Atheist Church deceptively known as the freedom from religion movement have been trying to force their religion on America for far too long. Keep praying for them, they are clearly moved when they see symbols and non-symbols of Christ.
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Don't Republicans Abuse Executive Power?

sjones84 Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 3:00 AM
so you've missed the point or got to it after I stopped reading... the whole point is that the president, regardless of political party, must do his job and not play tyrannical dictator... can't do anything about what previous presidents did (no time machine)... must stop this stupidity before it gets worse --- and that is the point of the bill.
Throw her butt in jail, end her retirement benefits, give here Obamacare medical, and pay someone to help her cooperate. The systematic abuse of the citizens of this nation by government employees must end! STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT UNTIL THE HOUSE IS CLEANED! Deal with the Republicans after that. It took 90 years from freedom from slavery to civil rights --- and then only through republican votes... when are people going to demand the democrats get their house in order???
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Faces of Religion

sjones84 Wrote: Dec 24, 2013 2:47 PM
I'm so sorry the writer has fallen to the media's version of the truth of Phil Robertson and not bothered to look into the controversy and the man who's character is being assassinated. Had the writer bothered, she would have found multiple interviews and quotes from Phil that teach what he believes Christ meant when He said to love al people and Phil's interpretation. (apparently the part where Phil talked about what sin is and the part where he said that he's not anyone's judge - which has been ignored completely- are now synonymous) Phil has said to "love people" is to love them, whether they love you back or not doesn't matter. If love is conditional, it isn't love. Wow, how truly racist, homophobic and bigoted can the man get? Perhaps instead of writing about who should and shouldn't be a spokesman for the bible and Christianity, the author might want to consider researching the truth and writing about what she finds when and if she gets there.
Mr. Reagan, Your father had a class and dignity that many on the left, especially those in office at this time, will never understand. Please know that many in this country thank God for your father's leadership and for his great strength of character. We recognize that the violent liberal voice must demean others .... can't understand why their hatred is so important. May God bless you. Thank you for sharing your father with our nation.
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Celebrity Hypocrites

sjones84 Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 12:54 PM
if celebrities are so enthusiastic about redistributing wealth, why don't they take 1% of their earnings and give 99% of their earnings to people on welfare? they have power through their wealth and they will never give it up. they do not want anyone else to threaten that power. keeping other from the ability to control their own lives is the only purpose of wealth distribution. celebrities are only celebrities because we go to their films or watch their movies, when we stop supporting them, they lose income and power.... think about it.
actually, yes, we know this because this article forgot to mention that the Virginia law that permitted this atrocity was adopted by Nazi Germany. it was and still is the goal of certain elitist minded people.
Our president lives in an imaginary world. It's not that he lives in an imaginary world, it's that he does so from OUR White House. Read an article about ethnic cleansing that happened through Mandela. He weeps for a man who was responsible for murdering many innocent people. Apartheid was as wrong as the ethnic cleansing. Two wrongs never make a right. Our president does not know this and his policies reflect his ignorance.
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