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Too bad it's not McCain's seat.
Hey Bayh how did it affect your employment? We're losing our homes out in the real world so you don't have to remind us..Have lunch with the other American traitor Roberts and you guys can cry about it together
yes the Right had a lot to do with the first 2 years of Obama's reign..Boy you got us on that one Steve...
So what happen to Obama in his first 2 years in Office? He had total control of all three branches of Gov't.
If I were Obama I would be afraid of lightning too.
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RNC Gives Love to Ron Paul

sjohnson943 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 9:07 AM
I hope these guys get on board because they have some good ideas that would help the country.
Reeking of jealousy.. Whats wrong Middle? Your daddy didn't show you any love when you were little? Now you're taking it out on anyone who had a nice father that could help them out? That's a father's job..
"Used their Daddy's money". You condescending jealous child...And we use the tax payers money for our homes. Freddie mac, Fannie mae ring a bell Middle?.That worked out well for the country didn't it?
MiddleClass can't sq it for you because his is an emotional reaction of contempt before investigation
If this is true I'm starting to like Romney more and more.
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