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oral contraceptives are not comparable to thalidomide and have not been associated with birth defects.
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The Myth Of JFK

sjh58 Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 2:32 PM
At least Kennedy had good taste in women, unlike slick Willie.
I am pro-compassion and sometimes that means not performing heroic measures to keep someone alive. Expectant management is not the same as abortion and sometimes is a course that is more respectful of human life. I suggest you re-read the article and my post more carefully.
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The New Anti-Science Left

sjh58 Wrote: Jul 30, 2013 7:32 PM
As long as right wingers embrace a 6 day creation myth as their example of "science," they will have a monopoly on being anti-science. As long as they want to interject the concept of a god into the study of evolution, they will forfeit their claim to scientific literacy. It is fine if one wants to believe in myths, just don't claim that it's science.
The issue here is not about abortion or politics, it is about heroic efforts to keep a baby alive and whether this was the right choice. As renal agenesis is incompatible with life, unless dialysis or kidney transplantation is performed, this baby would have died if nature had been allowed to take its course. Baby Abigail still has an uphill battle ahead of her and will have to endure a degree of suffering in order to survive. As a premature infant, she may have developmental issues as well. It is not all that uncommon for parents to be faced with decisions about an anomalous infant's treatment options. For most, the emotional attachment precludes making an objective decision. Sometimes it is more noble, selfless, and humane to forgo heroic measures and let a loved one die, whether it's a severely compromised infant, or an elderly person with terminal cancer. Time will tell whether the Beutlers made the right choice. I wish them well and hope the best for Abigail.
The idea that secular person would hate God is absurd. Hating "something" would be an acknowledgement that "something" exists. An atheist or agnostic makes no such admission and is therefore incapable of hating a thing that they consider imaginary.
The idea that an atheist would hate God is absurd.
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My Apology to Mormon Readers

sjh58 Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 8:31 PM
Those who ridicule other religions are on to something; that all religion is man-made. It is only when they realize that their own superstitious beliefs are man-made, that they will become enlightened.
The idea that God would love a country, a baseball team,or a political party rather than mankind in general seems absurd and trivial. The song God Bless America reinforces that widely held belief that God is on America's side as opposed to our enemies' side. This is the same attitude that compelled terrorists to fly jets into the twin towers. While I don't personally mind the singing of this song and would not sit down during its performance, I do understand Marsh's principled objection to it.
The phrase "God Bless America" does imply that God is a petty nationalist who would selectively bestow his grace upon one group of humans but not others based on their nationality. If He is the God of all humans, then the phrase is frivolous and irrelevant.
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