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RE: criticizing headline. Im just wondering why he is pictured on a headline to a story citing British political observers. Must be some reason. Like trashing liberals for no reason.
No Im just wondering why he is on a headline to a story citing British politics.
Not really attacking, more pointing out an irony. But do go on.
Question? Why is Martin Bashir picture on the headline? Is there a link to any comment he made?
Lookey here!! the rightwing using the passing of Margaret Thatcher to bash liberals. Classy as always.
Hey if a Cuban says it, it must be right.
Paul and Cruz are not "afraid" of democracy. The NRA and the manufacturers ARE afraid of democracy. Paul and Cruz simply get paid for preventing debates and votes.
And Europe is in another depression expected to last longer than the last 3. Must be Obama's fault too.
ugh again with the rights. "Taking away our rights is not the answer to solving gun crime in this country." A background check supported by 95% of Americans is NOT taking away a right. So bored of your talking points.
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15% of Americans Now Receive Food Stamps

Six04 Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 5:18 PM
Its great that the taxpayer has to subsidize corporations like Walmart by providing food stamps to employees because they can't pay a living wage.
4 years and 550 and counting. We'll call it news when Republicans DON'T filibuster a bill.
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