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So when a parent signs off on a video game what are they signing off on. And whats the point they can just rent the game online anyway.
You are mistaking left for authoritarian.
I'm wondering how many Ar-15's and the like are used for personal defense. Are there a lot of instances where 30 mag rifles stop criminals?
I see the clowns are shinning all kinds of stupid today. Why is it every time America is attacked the right wing is compelled to attack America in return?
there are many churches and well over majority of americans that believe two consenting adults have the right to marry. who are the fascist? the one that uses their version of morality to deny the rights of others or the ones whose morality lets people decide on intimate personal decisions for themselves.
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Operating Inside a House With an AR-15

Six04 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 7:34 AM
congrats katie for the very well though out publicity stunt. you know your audience spot on. i see faux news in your future.
USing the words "tax and spend" to criticize a budget is like complaining that the sun is yellow. Government budgets are by definition an outline for how tax revenues are spent.
Karl Rove called he wants his political strategy back. I remember when Rove cut his teeth on this one. It worked for the TX gov. at the time but I can't imagine too many will fall for it this time.
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The Other Immigration Crisis

Six04 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 10:39 PM
The important thing is that companies get to import workers who will do the same for 1/4 the salary. This way the contracting company can open a remote center in India to offer the same service for 1/10th the price.
See if only TH had made the link it would have made sense. Leave it to the liberal press to post coherent blogging.
RE: criticizing headline. Im just wondering why he is pictured on a headline to a story citing British political observers. Must be some reason. Like trashing liberals for no reason.
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