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Obama's next move is to try to suck more out of the 1% who already pay 60% in taxes and employ people while his big supporters like Facebook get millions back in taxes. What a fraud! He says he doesn't want to tax the middle class but that is exactly who pays the price. I used to get fair raises annually and now I am now the company is on a pay freeze and I pay more in health insurance not to mention the extra 2% from my paycheck. Just how much do the Democrats need for their special interests and supporting the Lazy Americans who vote for them. While, I voted for President Clinton, Democrats today disgust me!!
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Mark Levin Deserves a Turn on TV

sirwin Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 11:44 PM
Mark Levin would whoop the mainstream media. He is too smart and quick for those dopes. I put on money on Mark to rip any of those clowns or dare to debate him. Notice they don't even attempt it
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