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If a Joni Ernst can't win in this political climate, then this country is probably past the point of no return. I'm not saying senate races are easy or should be taken for granted. And I know Iowa is a sorta blue state. My point is this woman, in my opinion, is the PERFECT candidate, so if she can't win...its not good for the GOP. I mean, she's a woman, and sorry if this sounds sexist, but I think that is a definite plus in today's political climate. She is a good looking candidate. She is articulate. She was in the military for over 20 years. she was born on a farm. I love that pork commercial of hers. She has political experience as an auditor and state senator. She's not running against an incumbent. And this should be a big year for the GOP with a very unpopular president. She has just about every single element in her resume I can think of. It should be hers to lose, again, unless we are just past the point of no return in this country.
Excellent point about education and indoctrination. The left is doing that magnificently to men and women alike, and it obviously takes a heavy heavy toll. They do it in education, they do it in media, to list a few. THIS is where the fight is. It doesn't MATTER if you aren't against women....if women are convinced you ARE against them. But as this article points out, opinion is in fact shifting sand. It was just 2010 that that gender gap was erased, and it one reason the GOP TROUNCED the Democrats. Sometime, just sometimes, despite the propaganda, Democrats simply do things like Obamacare that backfire on them, and despite their best efforts are powerless to do anything about the backlash. We need to just keep fighting the good fight, and yes, do our best to stop the indoctrination centers.
Its not NECESSARILY the people who are lazy in my experience, and I do have experience in this realm. Its the SYSTEM. The system is set up so that hard work or not so hard work is treated the same in bureaucracies. The system is set up so that, like you pointed out, even if there is no work, its not a fluid enough system to be able to move personnel or fire personnel etc. One job I had once was as a grain inspector. I worked for a private company, but, that company exists because of bureaucratic mandates. All I did when I worked there was sit and do nothing most days. I'm not a lazy guy.....there was NOTHING for me to do. I had no choice. At any rate, quite often many of these folks are in fact slackers because they seek these jobs out.....but not all them. Its mostly the system. Bureaucracies are supposed to exist to help the people. In reality, they exist to serve themselves. Its just the nature of the beast....a beast that must be kept in check, but usually is not unfortunately.
This is a fantastic model for states across this country. I hope they follow suit. Not only is this the right thing to do, to simplify gun laws and strengthen gun rights, rather than having 20 different laws in every city, but its a political winner. The issue of gun rights cross party lines. It really does. MANY Democrats support the second amendment. Maybe not far left liberals....but MANY mainstream Democrats do, and would turn on a candidate who mistakenly thinks that all or most Democrats want to further restrict guns in a second. Its not a good issue for Democrats, despite their efforts to convince everyone that everyone wants more restrictions on guns.
and freer.
EXACTLY what I said on a liberal site that was carrying this story. PURE hypocrisy. If this lady REALLY were against "the feds imposing their will on us"......she wouldn't be a Democrat!!!! BESIDES the fact that the "feds" AREN'T imposing anything on them...its the STATE, not the feds, that are trying to simplify and strengthen laws pertaining to the second amendment. Who does this lady think she is kidding? Hypocrite.
How dare these BUSINESS owners IMPOSE their religion on other people! Do people ACTUALLY think they have the right to practice their religion AND be business owners?! I mean, everyone knows that if a practicing Muslim for example didn't sell pork at their store that they are IMPOSING their beliefs on other people! Right? I mean, people couldn't get pork anywhere else could they? So I guess those Muslims are FORCING people to abstain from pork and are trying to ban pork then! Everyone knows obtaining pork from someone who doesn't believe in it is a civil right after all!
Great article. These problems are not secrets unfortunately, but for so many reasons, and they are of course political reasons, none of them are being solved. Because it is mostly politics that are preventing these things from being fixed, perhaps insufficient turnover in congress is one of the bigger problems we have. All these politicians are worried about is the next election, not the country, and that is a problem BOTH sides have, whether we like to admit that or not. Your diagnosing the problems ACCURATELY doesn't make me feel any better at all that they will get solved. In a better world it should make me feel better, since diagnosing the problem is half the battle or more. These problems are easy to solve, and the answers straightforward, but the resolve....just not there. I really don't know what to do! What do we do?! I'm out of answers. I like an Article V convention of the states, but for some reason, even conservatives don't agree on whether it would be good or not. I don't know....
There is nothing I despise in this earth more than the liberal media. All we conservatives ask for is a fair fight so to speak. And we don't have it. We have pure propaganda, and it works people, very very well. It's getting worse and worse. Before Fox News the media was left of center. Now, the are the propaganda arm of the Democratic party and have moved even further left because of Fox. I'd like to say these people just live in a liberal bubble and don't know any better, but they do. They are disgraces, and for them, the means justify the end. I wish these bastards knew what a real liberal was, or what real tolerance was, or what freedom is, or honesty....you know....things like that. But they don't. The people who are supposed to be watchdogs for liberty have betrayed liberty, and we are all paying the price.
Pretty sad that we have come to the point in this country where states are now passing bills to TRY and ensure people retain their religious freedom. Did anyone think this country could come to this point so quickly? And the media of course phrases it like "Conservatives try and pass bill to deny homosexuals services", as if that is what is going on at all. The media, infuriating. Take that Oregon baker for example.....NOT denying homosexuals his services. No sign hanging up saying "gays not allowed"....not asking, wait, are you gay? Oh, no cupcake for you! Served gays and always has. BUT, because they didn't want to be a part of a homosexual marriage in any way or be seen as endorsing it, they are told their conscience, their religion, doesn't matter.....serve or else. Let me ask you, who are the TRUE intolerant ones? Is it the people demanding from someone who said they couldn't be party to a ceremony they disagreed with that they do it anyway?
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