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The Border Fence and Conservatives

sir aslan Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 4:21 PM
I totaaally agree! The RINO/Rockefeller Republicans like McCain and Hewitt are shills for the CFR. They have to figure out how to get real conservatives on board with illegal immigration bill for Corporate American and those who wish to saturate our country with third world immigrants. They think this is one of the ways to break the middle class which is the backbone of the country and has been steadfast from implementing the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. Under NAFTA, and the spp bills being worked on by Globalists...the objective is for there to be no borders between Mexico, the United State and Canada. Thus, rendering the sovereignty of all three countries as they merge into a North American Community mirroring the European Community with a Euro type currency called the Amero. Google this and you will see the Globalists are not even worried that their plans are in the public doman. What Hubris !!