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Goldwater-Rockefeller Redux

sir aslan Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 3:33 PM
The problem just continues with Rockefeller Republicans now called RINO'S like Congressman Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and a host of other Rockefeller Globalist Republicans who march to the CFR drum of the Communitarian Manifesto. The new Globalist Village. Right in there too is the number one house Majority Leader John Boehner who is a puppet of the CFR/EasternLiberal/Rockefeller Establishment. Afterall, thats who handpicked him for the job. Even in Ohio where the current Republican Speaker of the State house is going around the state and telling local Republican parties that if something is not done to silence the Tea Party then the Republican party is doomed to lose all elections. I guess he forgot to look at the tea leaves because ever since the so called Moderate/Rockefeller Rinos have been running everything the Republican party has started to look like a real dinosaur.