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Facebook Billionaire Gives Up Citizenship to Escape Bad American Tax Policy

sinner Wrote: May 12, 2012 7:06 PM
i have given up my citizenship in the kingdom of men ,, you can to, Jesus set the captives free and is the eternal King . i have a slightly used social security card for sale ,, all you have to do is buy the bs the feds have tied to it ,, i don't need a slave number anymore you don't either but its your call heck if you like you can be like treasonist obama and have multiple ss#s but as for me i'm a free man thanks to Jesus Christ ,, i no longer disire to have other sinners represent me ,,, i will selfgovern with the Help of His Holy Spirit , their is no bennefits to have frauds and treasonist , governing you when God has sent you His Son.

It is very sad that America’s tax system is so onerous that some rich people feel they have no choice but to give up U.S. citizenship in order to protect their family finances.

I’ve written about this issue before, particularly in the context of Obama’s class-warfare policies leading to an increase in the number of Americans “voting with their feet” for places with less punitive tax regimes.

We now have a very high-profile tax expatriate. One of the founders of Facebook is escaping for...

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