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The Myth of “The Corporate Wife”

singer23 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 7:47 AM
Juan Williams is an unrepentant Obama defender, he will, lie, exaggerate, do anything to cover the Democratic Party's faults! He and Bob Beckel contribute nothing to FOX News Channel. I think that Sean Hannity keeps Beckel employed and Bill O'Riley keeps Juan Williams in his job! Both Williams and Beckel would be better off at either MSNBC or CNN! Beckel is an incompetent, argumentative, bore, Juan Williams was fired from NPR, which in my opinion, should have been, they were right, he is a drooling Liberal and a racist crybaby, he finds racism in everything that's said! I for one,am sick of listening to his complaints! Pat Caddell and Douglas Schoen are reasonable, they don't go off citing the Democratic, "Playbook," for everything!
Cindy300 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 8:10 AM
Williams & Beckel keep Fox News balanced. One should always know what the enemy thinks. It is the only way to defeat them. As for NPR, they are a liberal station, being fired for expressing a concern about boarding a plane with Muslims after 9/11 is not justification for firing Williams, but that is what liberals do when their flunkies don't march in lockstep to liberal PC. If you are sick of listening to their (williams/beckel) tune them out.

Last night I recoiled at FOX News correspondent Juan Williams comment about Mitt Romney’s wife Ann. He said, “She is a corporate wife”. Upon further questioning he intimated that she was a “kept woman”. I know the “corporate wife” sitting next to me in my apartment dropped her jaw and sighed in disgust.

Except I didn’t work for a corporation. That adds an element of risk that isn’t there with corporate life.

The US to me was always about freedom and choice. Isn’t that the main point of pro-abortion activists, that women should be free to choose? I can’t speak...