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I do wish that the phrase, "The, McCarthy Era," would cease being used in a derogatory manner. Joe McCarthy, after the lowering of the, "Iron Curtain," we found out that, McCarthy was right on, the people he named, were in fact, "Card Carrying," Communists! The Hollywood, leftists, are still vilifying Joe McCarthy, they are still defending the, Commies of the, 30's, 40's 50's and beyond! I, for one am sick of the, Hollywood phonies like Chris Noth, making accusations, when they don't know, squat!
This is the result of electing an, incompetent, megalomania-cal, Narcissist! A chief executive, oversees that everything get done, he just doesn't start something and leave it on it's own! He is a total failure, how he got elected the first time was a fluke, the second time, must have been criminal!
Obama's mantra, Political consideration above country! Is he really qualified? It looks as though, he's not! Just appoint friends and supporters, screw the people!
What to you think of a community that praises a traitor like, Jane Fonda and attacks a, patriot such as James Woods? I say don't give the, "Traitor Supporters," a penny of your money for any of the films they are appearing in! If these, "Leftest Mutts," don't get rewarded for their films, after awhile, the backers won't be so eager to put money into their projects! Hit them in the wallet!
Doesn't everyone know, that's Obama's job!
The whole scheme is to blame the Republican Party, inflect pain on the public, not the Federal employees! This is so childish, "I'm Taking My Ball And Going Home!" Obama is a, petty, vicious, bully who thinks' he can fool he American people constantly, I have news for him, he overplayed his hand this time, he, Reid and Pelosi had outsmarted themselves, they went to the well once too often, we see through their game! It's going to backfire this time! When you screw with the Veterans and religion, you've gone too far! How dare they forbid Catholic Chaplains from practicing and giving communion to the troops! Veterans are forbidden to visit memorials created for them, you've crossed the line! Out with the bunch of yo!
Please, let's stop deluding ourselves, as long as Obama and the Democrats have the MSM supporting them and they do, the Republicans could find a cure for Cancer, the media would give credit to Obama and the Democrats! The main reason the Republicans are being blamed for all of Obama's failures, the, MSM! The, "Fourth Estate" in America is either, dead or corrupt, no battles can be won until that has changed!
It should be called, "The Big Delusion March!" They have march after march, demonstration after demonstration, they commemorate, this they commemorate that and things don't change! The crime rates remain high, the schools still don't turn out many successful students, the, unmarried mother rate continues to soar, prisons are full of blacks, unemployment rates in their communities are astronomical and they keep looking to blame it all on, something or someone else! Obama does the same as the rest of the blacks, he is always looking to blame every failure on something else! Nothing will change until the, African-American communities accept responsibility for their own failures! Many of the successful members of their society, who have been successful, have seen the problem and pulled themselves out of it but in many cases, they are scorned and called, "Uncle Toms" and, "Sellouts!" As long as that mentality prevails, many, African-Americans, will continue to, march and demonstrate, with the same result, more marches and demonstrations!
The old German saying applies here: We Grow Old Too Soon And Smart Too Late!"
Figures don't lie, only the people who report them!
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Is This Still America?

singer23 Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 7:31 AM
The people who support Trayvon Martin are quit willing to speculate what was on George Zimmerman's mind at the time of encounter but they don't seem to know what was on Trayvon's mind! He was just out to buy, "Skittles And Orange Juice!" How innocent was that, meanwhile, George Zimmerman was out, "Stalking Trayvon!" The problem is, the, "Ignorance" of the facts by the Martin supporters doesn't matter, they want, "Zimmerman's " blood! Nothing matters to these, "Supporters!" The breakdown of America can be laid at Obama and the Democrats, doorstep, they have in a mere 5 years, "Changed," America into a, "Racially Divided Country!" In particular, Holder and Obama have caused most of the division and hide behind the law! This whole case was a, "Travesty" and should never gotten the attention it received! Every day in Chicago alone there are black on black murders and they go on and on, no attention at all! The MSM and the Democratic Party are now deciding which crimes are important and which crimes aren't!
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