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I guess the computer couldn't be replaced in, TWO AND A HALF YEARS! Please, the American people are dumb but they're not that dumb! Do you mean to tell me, Lerner was without a computer for two and a half years? What time does Santa come down the chimney? Perhaps I'm missing something?
This can be used over and over: "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
I guess even a professional liar gets sick of lying! Jay Carney did his best but like the liar befoe him, he also got fed up with the lies!
I guess even a professional liar gets sick of lying! Jay Carney did his best but like the liar befoe him, he also got fed up with the lies!
Obama and the Democrats have been. "Packing," the courts since he took office! He and the, "Communist Democratic Party, knew how to infiltrate our government with every, "Left Wing Radical," they could find! If you think getting him out of office will change anything, you're mistaken! America will feel his, "Radicalism," for many years! He has installed radicals throughout the, DOJ, the courts, the EPA, the IRS, just about anywhere he could! It will take, either, massive lawsuits or a rebellion to remove them! The Republican Party hasn't the guts to challenge them, so in the long run, Obama will, triumph! America will be relegated to a, "Third Rate Power!" Imagine how much damage he and the Democrats have brought upon this great nation in less than two terms in office! God Help America!
I won't matter, Holder will do nothing and the MSM will ignore the entire story! The Democrats will say everything was contrived by the Conservatives, it was a, "Made Up Story!" The anti-women and the racists made it all up! By the time anything comes to fruition they will be out of office! Obama and his family will be, multi-billionaires! They will be laughing at America!
As far as I'm concerned, Rick Santorum can, "Hike Off!" He did a number on Newt Gingrich and then, high jacked his campaign! I wouldn't vote for this hypocrite to be, "Dog Catcher!"
60% of the people got it wrong, Obama lies 100% of the time, about everything! He has lied about his, background, where he was born, how he did in school, hold on a minute, He's never told the truth about anything! Good thing he's not, Pinocchio, he'd have to go underground and pass himself off as a, tree!
Obama is a, "Delusional Liar," I think he thinks we are stupid! Sorry Barack, many Americans are coming around to the fact of your true, lack of character!
This story is, "Irony," right? This can't be reported and supported by, "Town hall!" Have we missed something? Has Town Hall been infiltrated by, "Politico?" I'll just pretend I didn't read this in this website.
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

singer23 Wrote: Feb 22, 2014 8:40 AM
The only answer is, new party designation, Liberal and Conservative! We have to stop calling political parties, Republican and Democratic! That will stop the confusion.
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