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Obama is a, "Delusional Liar," I think he thinks we are stupid! Sorry Barack, many Americans are coming around to the fact of your true, lack of character!
This story is, "Irony," right? This can't be reported and supported by, "Town hall!" Have we missed something? Has Town Hall been infiltrated by, "Politico?" I'll just pretend I didn't read this in this website.
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

singer23 Wrote: Feb 22, 2014 8:40 AM
The only answer is, new party designation, Liberal and Conservative! We have to stop calling political parties, Republican and Democratic! That will stop the confusion.
Bill will be, "Soaking," his lips for the, " Big Butt Kissing Festival!" O'Rielly's a big talker, he will be telling everyone he's going to put, Obama on the, "Hot Seat," in his dreams! O'Reilly is delusional, what he does and what he says he does, is like, "Night And Day!" He picks his targets, if someone is a, Nobody, he jumps all over them, if they are big important people, his teeth become, "Gums!" O'Reilly is a, "Colossal Windbag!" If we could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks' he worth, we could pay off the national debt and have, trillions left over!
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I’m A Traffic Survivor

singer23 Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 11:06 AM
I am not a Chris Christie supporter, if fact, I am not particularly fond of him but I have seen more coverage of the, G.W. Bridge lane closing, than any of the, "Democratic Scandals" and there are many! Much more is being made of this than the, Benghazi Murders of four Americans, including, Ambassador Stevens, Fast and Furious, IRS. INS. I assume, Democrats are immune to negative publicity! It is so obvious that the MSM is more interested in suppressing the, "Misdeeds," of Democrats and expanding the, "Misdeeds," of Republicans! Any American with a sense of fairness, will see that at once! Of course the underlying motive is, the promotion of, Hillary Clinton and her ambitions to the Presidency! Eliminate any possible opponent as soon as possible!
This from, "Mrs. CRUNT!"
Matthews had better interview Obama in a, "Masturbatoreum," he will more than likely be, "Masturbating," throughout the entire interview! He apparently has a, "Man-Crush," on him! Matthews salivates at the mere mention of Obama's name!
Maxine Waters is the, "Personification" of corruption and stupidity! She reflects the, corruption of her constituency! They would elect, "Satan," if he brought home the, "Bacon!" Waters husband should be in prison, along with her! S he brokered a deal with his bank that was, very shady but her political influence, made everything, "Go Away!" She uses the, "Race Card," every chance she can! She is a, "Professional Racist!" When In doubt, cry, "Racism!" It's her, "Stock And Trade!"
Obama and his, "Surrogates," are nothing but, "Chicago Thugs!" They want to bully the American people into what they think is a, "Good Government," when they are nothing but a bunch of, "Strong Arm NAZI's!" He and his accomplices are attempting to, "Strong Arm," the American people into accepting Obama's, "My Way Or The Highway," bullying! We have to stand up to him and his, "Storm Troopers!"
I do wish that the phrase, "The, McCarthy Era," would cease being used in a derogatory manner. Joe McCarthy, after the lowering of the, "Iron Curtain," we found out that, McCarthy was right on, the people he named, were in fact, "Card Carrying," Communists! The Hollywood, leftists, are still vilifying Joe McCarthy, they are still defending the, Commies of the, 30's, 40's 50's and beyond! I, for one am sick of the, Hollywood phonies like Chris Noth, making accusations, when they don't know, squat!
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