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Immigration Reform: When A Trigger Isn't A Trigger

Simplecaveman Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 10:26 AM
This is all a sham. There will be no border security before illegal aliens start crossing over to become legal citizens. I'm surprised that Rubio and the rest of the repulsives on the Gang of 8 are this gullible (I suspect most of them know exactly what will happen). But hey! Thanks for destroying the country.

Border enforcement has long been a top priority for Republicans in Congress and conservatives across the country when it comes to immigration reform proposals. The Gang of Eight's plan has promoted its "enforcement-first" approach, but some Capitol Hill Republicansare taking a closer look at the enforcement provisions - and coming away with skepticism.

The first four major points of the Gang of Eight's immigration "outline" [pdf] concern border security and its priority over a path to legalization for illegal immigrants. Indeed, the outline says that "no immigrant in undocumented status may be adjusted" until parts of the border...