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How is all of this possible? Barry said costs would not rise. I hope he's not lying. /sarc
Now hold on there, Barry. I thought Barrycare was going to cost everybody less on their healthcare, so why should they have to cut anything?
Whoa! High cost? But.....but.....but Barry isn't was going to be affordable, and that you can keep your doctor if you want, and you can keep your insurance if you want. I must have missed something. /sarc
The alarmist talking point; "Opposition must be silenced, or else we'll end up looking like fools."
She'd vote for a carbon tax too. Typical liberal. Doesn't want to engage in any conversation when she's called on the carpet.
Liberals hate the truth, and the like the good little socialists that they are, they try to suppress it through intimidation. This guy has no spine.
I don't understand how the EPA can even claim power to regulate CO2, since it is not causing global warming. Oh! I forgot. It's climate change, since that includes every weather storm that happens now.
Just like liberals were obsessed with Sara Palin, right Debbie?
No no, it's not a over reaching law. Not in the least! /sarc
Boehner should wear a white flag for a lapel pin.
William Barber, member of the Tan Klan.
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