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Another moron who has absolutely no cogent thought process screaming "Racist!!!" at every criticism of Obama. Please get out of politics, you're destroying the country.
Of course they are, because they have no spine. What a bunch of losers.
The dude must be referring to blacks selling out practically their entire race for government entitlements.
No feelings, just facts. Liberals are the ones who rely on feelings.
Cheap? It can be piped because it is water based. It has to shipped by trucks and rail lines. It cost more to produce than oil.
Simple. Look at the past temperature anomalies from all the agencies. You'll see that the adjustments.
And US now has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. That must really disappoint you.
Ethanol contains water, therefore being anathema as a fuel additive. It's a joke to use it. The only thing it does is line the pockets of Big Corn, as well as unnecessarily raise food prices. Fields that used to be rotated with different foods are now almost entirely used to corn production, leaving sterile fields that need to use more fertilizers, and creating contaminant plumes in streams.
Not to mention that it's not very good for car engines and 2-cycle engines either.
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