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Hey, I think men should have to pay for viagra as well. It's a handout, just like abortion/birth control.
Was there any mention of the smoothing of the data to make the past seem cooler and the present seem warmer?
What is your f--kin' problem? Did you actually read my comment? It stated that Somerville and his ilk make up the numbers to fit his/their twisted illusion of AGW. I know the data doesn't support. Where did it say I did? Better go take a powder before you blow up.
It seems that Somerville is the one who is scientifically illiterate. Just ignore the data, sir, and make the numbers to fit your twisted illusion.
You'd think that women who demand birth control should actually have to pay for it.
Well, the reason for all this dislike is simple; it's because he's black. /sarc
Why yes! Lets just have the government run our lives. They're so good at running the country, nothing can go wrong!
Hold on there, scumbob. There were a total of 3.2 people who watched that video, and that could certainly start a spontaneous riot. I'm certain of it. Killary, Barry, and Sue told me so! /sarc
One of the many funny things about alarmists is their moronic predictions. I remember when these yahoos said there would be no more snow in D.C. Saying alarming things just to alarm.
And we pay for it.
Politics or fraud. Actually, both are interchangeable.
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