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Just remember, Barry is all protecting the middle class.
Unfortunately, it works with the lofos.
When you can't defend the Obama's policies, you must resort to racism. It's all they have left.
Barack Obama; the most uninformed president ever.
Really? You mean frauds like Mann, Jones, Hansen, etc...? Those "scientists" who cooked the data to cool the past and warm the present? The Arctic was virtually ice-free in the late 1950's, but alarmists scream the Arctic is melting at an alarming rate. They scream the Antarctic ice sheet is getting smaller, and yet global sea ice is increasing. And speaking of consensus, since the models have failed, when did it become science?
No hatred here from a representative of the party of tolerance.
Liberals have no major donors, right? Just eeeeevil republicans.
Another moron who has absolutely no cogent thought process screaming "Racist!!!" at every criticism of Obama. Please get out of politics, you're destroying the country.
Of course they are, because they have no spine. What a bunch of losers.
The dude must be referring to blacks selling out practically their entire race for government entitlements.
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