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A liberal using the race card. Shocking.
A lot of liberals get upset and flip out when asked why Obama won't release his college transcripts.
This is one of the main reasons for "net neutrality." Barry and His Merry Band of Socialists want to control the content free speech.
Barry seems to think that you can tax your way to prosperity. Redistribution of wealth has been a huge failure.
Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is the goal of the DOJ and this administration. Criminals? Not so much.
.....and 100 percent certain that the models are flawed.
The GOP elite stand for nothing. They're afraid of being called racists from the MSM and liberals for opposing Obama's policies/bills/executive orders/etc... that they just want to get along and take orders from the Chamber of Commerce. All this after voters elected them to a majority in both Houses. They stand for nothing.
Eric Holder just throwing more gasoline on the fire.
Yes Mr. President, and I'm the Easter bunny.
However, it took a chief Justice to rewrite the decision to make Barrycare constitutional by stating that it is a tax. Thank you once again, Chief Justice Roberts!
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