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Read his paper on Ayn Rand. He likes "Atlas Shrugged"
He is a fan of "Atlas Shrugged"
The Drug War is very big business. At least $25 bn a year Federally. Cantor was a consummate Drug Warrior.
If Assad goes down the Christians in Syria will be massacred.
High THC high CBD cannabis cures cancer says biochemist Dennis Hill. He explains the mechanism. As does Dr. Christina Sanchez who is a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid Spain.
I think teaching the Bible - in the original Hebrew - is a very good idea. So we can learn how depraved people used to be. Luckily we have the Bible and people are no longer so depraved. God HAS made a difference.
Well I can't spell or proof read. Look up "Biochemist Dennis Hill ceramide". He explains the biochemistry in more detail. He cured his Stage 4 cancer (metastasizing) with cannabis oil.
Well I can't spell or proof read. Look up "Biochemist Dennis Hill ceramide".
There is a lot of money in not curing cancer. But OK you want the biochemistry? The cannabinoids cause the cancer cells to produce an excess of ceramide which keeps them from converting ATP into energy. It is the body's NOORMAL way of preventing cancer. Some times it needs a boost.
Look up "Biochemist Dennis Hill ceramide" he explains it. It has to do with ceramide production.
Look up "Biochemist Dennis Hill" and see how the body's boosted endocannabinoid system works to cure the body's cancer.
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