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Well I can't spell or proof read. Look up "Biochemist Dennis Hill ceramide". He explains the biochemistry in more detail. He cured his Stage 4 cancer (metastasizing) with cannabis oil.
Well I can't spell or proof read. Look up "Biochemist Dennis Hill ceramide".
There is a lot of money in not curing cancer. But OK you want the biochemistry? The cannabinoids cause the cancer cells to produce an excess of ceramide which keeps them from converting ATP into energy. It is the body's NOORMAL way of preventing cancer. Some times it needs a boost.
Look up "Biochemist Dennis Hill ceramide" he explains it. It has to do with ceramide production.
Look up "Biochemist Dennis Hill" and see how the body's boosted endocannabinoid system works to cure the body's cancer.
Pot cures cancer. THC and CBD combined cause cancer cell death. Ceramide. The body's own cells are immune to it. The endocannabinoid system. Republicans are generally against it. Worse than Obamacare (which is very bad) by far.
If we make everything illegal government will go broke.
It is not a gateway drug. Not even close. Alcohol is the gateway drug. Except that whole theory is bunk. Unless you believe water is a gateway drug. Everyone who ever smoked marijuana or drank alcohol first started with water.
I always deny everything. Just to be on the safe side. Otherwise I just remain silent and ask for a lawyer.
And he will live longer too. You can look it up.
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