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As opposed to a Progressive Prohibitionist Republican?
How about Progressive Prohibitionist Republicans?
Don't forget the morality police Republicans.
Except for Prohibition. Uh. Well. I forgot 1932. Never mind.
Oil is $1 a gallon. At least WTI is.
Dang libertarians anyway.
Thomas is the libertarian vote on the court. What makes you think he stopped smoking the stuff? Look at his vote and views on the Raich case.
Med Pot only got 57.5% of the vote in Florida. There are no reputable politicians who want any of those votes. Only the nutty libertarians care about those kinds of numbers. I hear the people who ran the campaign intend to do it again in 2016.
I'm as straight as they come and I used to enjoy the Cockettes in the Bay Area in the 60s. It has to be a form of senility when people can't laugh at themselves.
We have a LOT of Republicans who support Progressive politics. The Progressives invented Prohibition. About 80% of the Republican Representatives are Prohibitionists. You might want to check on the good it did the Party in 1932.
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