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Actually the Republicans are accusing Democrats of being Republicans. Look up: "How Bad Is the Republican Brand? Republican PAC Attacks Democrat for Being a Dirty, Lying Republican!"
The Culture War is an attempt to impose values. What about a government that performs very few jobs and otherwise leaves people alone? No point in getting crazy about it all at once. Start by giving up Prohibition. The Democrats of Kansas and Oregon are doing that - but they can count. When will Republicans become equally advanced at math?
Well - the desire to get high is universal. If you want to defeat the cartels legalize supply and demand. Before 1914 heroin was over the counter.
http://www.druglibrary.org/special/friedman/socialist.htm The Drug War as a Socialist Enterprise by Milton Friedman
The Drug War as a Socialist Enterprise by Milton Friedman And yet Republicans are the last bastion of support.
And Republicans love the DEA. Same disease different "god".
Well Nixon ramped up Federal Drug Prohibition. Ever notice a Drug Prohibition Amendment? Me either.
You are confusing Libertarian with libertarian. They are not the same.
Some are some aren't. I'm a pro military libertarian. And that combination is on the rise.
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