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why are we still talking about hard drives of client computers- why haven't we hired IT experts to start finding the emails in the backup system- I bet all of them are waiting to be found- you know the IRS has redundant backups
way to go Ann! Everytime i've tried to watch soccer with the intent of being open minded- i see senseless violence with these 'guys' pucnhing and scratching and head butting each other- absolutely no part of the game- All you liberal efeete types that tell me how violent real Football is- stow it, at least baseball, footballl and hockey have violence that is a result of the progression of plays in the game- these soccer clowns slap each other then try to win an academy award for who is the most hurt-- how freaking pathetic- so keep your superiority of soccer to yourself, eh?
come on- impeachment happens in the house- conviction in the senate; he could easily be impeached,
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Getting Repeal Right

silversmithpress Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 3:10 PM
Obamacare has never been about fixing anything, only destruction of the system to the point government has to run everything- anyone talking about fixes assumes it was meant to fix something- the truth is before ACA, medicare reimbursements were destroying the incentive for market based care approaches chosen by doctors- we need to repeal the involvement of government in health care- been to an indian reservation or VA hospital?
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