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why are we still talking about hard drives of client computers- why haven't we hired IT experts to start finding the emails in the backup system- I bet all of them are waiting to be found- you know the IRS has redundant backups
way to go Ann! Everytime i've tried to watch soccer with the intent of being open minded- i see senseless violence with these 'guys' pucnhing and scratching and head butting each other- absolutely no part of the game- All you liberal efeete types that tell me how violent real Football is- stow it, at least baseball, footballl and hockey have violence that is a result of the progression of plays in the game- these soccer clowns slap each other then try to win an academy award for who is the most hurt-- how freaking pathetic- so keep your superiority of soccer to yourself, eh?
come on- impeachment happens in the house- conviction in the senate; he could easily be impeached,
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Getting Repeal Right

silversmithpress Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 3:10 PM
Obamacare has never been about fixing anything, only destruction of the system to the point government has to run everything- anyone talking about fixes assumes it was meant to fix something- the truth is before ACA, medicare reimbursements were destroying the incentive for market based care approaches chosen by doctors- we need to repeal the involvement of government in health care- been to an indian reservation or VA hospital?
when are the pundits going to swallow the bitter truth that there is no mess, if this is what is desired; this is being done intentionally TO FORCE the solution that these totalitarians want; meanwhile we have millions of American doped up on xanax, and prescription narcotics all living under the Soviet mantra, nothing is wrong; Freedom lovers, time to throw out the playbook, they're reacting based on our predicted behavior; we need fresh leadership, bold vision to restore freedom while we can; give them drugs and reality TV
We've lost the big cities and the college towns, but there are alot of red counties surrounding those blue islands. We need to change our methods, not our message. Terms have lost their meaning like capitalism, and been demonized. I suspect if you asked most folks if they were for capitalism they would say no. If you ask them about the ideas of capitialism, i suspect most would say they are for it. The key to reteaching these concepts is to relate these ideas to their daily lives, instead of assuming the comprehension of the term. America is an idea. One of the most 'American' people i ever met was a Korean student on a visa. Our problem is not our ideas, but their branding. Uniting people through these ideas is the key.
its not the MESSAGE its the messaging AND the messangers; we need 30 sec videos and modern media presentations distilling the principles of American Capitalistic Republican government and clever punches at government inefficiencies like the post office
why don't we see how many obama phones are in those states, and see how many of them recieved calls the week of the election from the DNC machine- we still have the electoral college vote- wouldn't if be interesting if major fraud was identified in those states, like taxpayer funded phones being used to get out the vote for one candidate
isn't it funny that not spending a trillion more than you make a year, making failed financial programs medicare and social security financially viable, following the constitution of the country is right wing? I guess if you're off the left side of american politics into the abyss of totalitarian control, centrist ideas seem right wing
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The Pixie Dust Energy Source

silversmithpress Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 10:42 AM
Lets stop using the liberal myth building term fossil fuel. We burned up the mass of the dinosaurs along time ago. The planet takes carbon dioxide and turns it right back into hydrocarbon. This carbon cycle is very similar to the water cycle in concept. Hydrocarbon is simply the most efficient storage source of potential energy. When we burn hydrocarbon, we are not depleting the supply or carbon, only changing its form. As a chemist, i can take carbon dioxide and turn it right back into 'fossil fuel', without the use of a dinosaur. Its not economically viable right now, but some day, with the right catalyst it could, and would certainly make more sense than burning our food for fuel
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