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Obama Derangement Syndrome vs. Obama Denial Disorder

silvereagle Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 4:18 AM
Had the MSM really done their job from the beginning instead of performing their disgusting version of "Monica Lewinski", BHO would have never received the nomination. Not that it would have mattered because then we would have "Hilarious" instead and other than race and sex there's not much daylight between them. The real problem is how folks got "caught up" in the whole thing, disregarding disturbing associations, statements and ideological positions Obama has held and continues to hold with an almost religious fervor. Like Fabian Socialists they want to destroy the "system" and "reforge" it "to their heart's desire". Essentially, going to hell in a bucket baby, but at least they're enjoying the ride. Bad part? Bucket hits bottom.

Approaching the big 50, with 21 years around politics, I’ve never seen such anger and sometimes hate in America’s family as this election cycle.

Why? What’s the fierce opposition to Barack Obama from some…and the affronted, seeming incomprehension from supporters? And the tension and conflict between camps? How can other Americans watch removed, wondering at the intensity? Are some of us blind? Crazy? Others have their heads in the sand?

Books will be written and college courses taught exploring this subject. Here are a few suggested starting points from a sound perspective--mine:

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